March 2015

SSC Student Section Spotlight: 
Newcastle University

Photofrom Noember 2014 when Mr Peter Noble (former SNAME President) visited Newcastle University.The photo was taken in Cavitation Tunnel, on the right of Mr P. Noble is Pangiotis Tzotzolis (Newcastle Chairman) and lon the left is Professor Mehmet Atlar.

Newcastle University SNAME's Newest Student Section: 

Recently, the Student Steering Committee has reviewed and approved Newcastle University as SNAME's newest Student Section.
We are looking forward to seeing this new section grow and become a part of SNAME.

The University traces its origins to a School of Medicine and Surgery (later the College of Medicine), established in 1834, and to Armstrong College, founded in 1871 for the teaching of physical sciences.These two colleges formed one division of the federal University of Durham, the Durham Colleges forming the other division. The Newcastle Colleges merged to form King's College in 1937. In 1963, when the federal University was dissolved, King's College became the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and latterly, Newcaslte University.  The university has one of the largest EU research portfolios in the UK. Newcastle attracts over 20,000 students from more than 120 different countries. Teaching and research are delivered in 24 academic schools and 40 research institutes and research centers, spread across three Faculties.

With regard to Marine Technology streams, Newcastle excels in multi-disciplinary degrees and research programs, more specifically we offer the following streams to potential marine technology students.
Newcastle University offers undergraduate degrees in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Offshore Engineering, and Small Craft Technology.  The university's postgraduate programsconsist of MSc Naval Architecture, MSc Marine Engineering, MSc Pipeline Engineering, MSc Subsea Engineering, MSc Marine Transport with Management, MSc Tropical Coastal Management, MSc in International Marine Environmental Consultancy, and MSc in Aquaculture Enterprise and Technology.  

Currently the Newcastle University Student Section has about 20 registered members. However, considering that the school has more than 200 students there are many members which remain anonymous as well as many PhD students registered in the institution.
Although Newcastle University Student Section was established only few months ago, there are some major events coming up which would track the interest of marine technology students and marine technology professionals in general. One of the Newcastle Section's first actions under SNAME was to organise a student day on  
4th International Conference on Advanced Model Measurement Technology for the Maritime Industry which would be held from 7-9 of October in Instabul, Turkey. SNAME Student Sections across Europe are to encourage their student to submit papers and present it during the conference. 

SSC Student Spotlight

Razieh Zangeneh: 

A PhD student at the University of Maine, Razieh's research interest is the Hydrodynamics of Offshore platforms.  She holds bachelor and master degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. After Razieh got her Master degree she started to work at a classification society. She believes it was a great opportunity for her to get familiar with ship classification rules then before deciding to continue her education and focus on a field in naval architecture. 
After she started her PhD at the University of Maine, her advisor, Professor Thiagarajan introduced her to SNAME and she quickly became a member after finding that SNAME has a lot of  activities for a naval architecture. Her first experience at SNAME was presenting a paper at student paper night competition at MIT.  Razieh presented a paper on Moored Tankers Concepts Designs which was a part of her work on a project at UMaine.  Already her abstract has been accepted at the 2015 World Maritime Technology Conference and she will present a paper in that conference in November.
Once she finishes her PhD, Razieh plans to obtain a faculty position at a University.  

I am thinking to find a Faculty position after I graduate, in an ocean engineering department. So I can help the students who like to pursue their degree in naval architecture and marine engineering or related fields."

For More Information on the Student Steering Committee  
Upcoming Events: World Maritime Technology Conference 2015


SNAME will host the 5th World Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC) on November 3-7 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. WMTC15 is held under the auspices of the World Maritime Technology Congress, which comprises the world's most prominent naval architectural and marine engineering professional societies.


Both the marine and offshore industries currently face challenges, and change appears to be a constant. These range from a difficult-to-predict economic climate through an ever more demanding regulatory environment to specific technical challenges. In response naval architects and engineers are developing innovative cost-effective solutions.


WMTC 15 provides an excellent forum to present and discuss a wide range of topics associated with the challenges noted above. The professional societies that comprise WMTC are cooperating to bring to you an international technical program that we are sure you will find stimulating, interesting and useful. 


Please see the WMTC website at: On the website, you can find the following:

Once again, Student members will only pay $100, which includes three days of the technical program, the welcome Reception, Expo Hall Box Lunches on both Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, Expo Hall and Coffee Breaks, and the Annual Banquet, courtesy of Bruce S. Rosenblatt & Associates, LLC.  Student non-members pay $135, which also includes a year membership with SNAME. 


For more information, please contact Alana Anderson at or directly at  +1 703-997-6705.

WMTC: Student Events



Design Competition


The 2015 WMTC Student Design Competition will test your mettle in naval architecture and engineering in front of experienced industry professionals! Students will be divided up into teams, and the teams must design and create a vessel from sticks and stones to survive various challenges and compete against others. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winning teams and put you on a pedestal above others for the rest of the Conference. Show us what you got!


Job, Graduate School, Scholarship Fair


The 2015 WMTC Job, Graduate School, and Scholarship Fair will provide students with an opportunity to meet representatives of international companies, graduate schools, and scholarship organizations. If you are looking for an opportunity to work with people who share your commitment and interests in the maritime industry, come join us at the job fair to take the first step in building your career!


Student & Industry Roundtable


The 2015 WMTC Student & Industry Roundtable is sure to be the highlight of the 2015 WMTC Student Program!

It will provide students with an opportunity to learn from influential industry leaders in an interactive setting. Testament to WMTC's goal of bringing world's maritime societies together, the focus of the 2015 Roundtable is to have a variety of topics related to big-name engineering projects around the globe. The industry professionals from multiple countries and societies will be willing to impart their experiences and wisdom to all students. Similar to last year, students will have an opportunity to discuss 'soft skills' such as interviewing or, resume building as well as more technical categories. Come take advantage of this learning opportunity!


Microsite Competition


The 2015 WMTC Microsite Competition aims to help all student sections to create and maintain a strong internet presence which is a key factor for our worldwide organization. The SNAME Student Steering Committee wants to help students develop their microsites and have continuous media presence that will showcase the students' community outreach and fun activities. For the continuing maintenance of such microsite, the sections will be rewarded with cash prizes for their continued involvement and excellence.


This year, the Microsite Competition is designed to both inspire and challenge each student section to produce content for their microsites and get student members engaged. Let's build up our community!


Student Papers


The 2015 WMTC Student Papers Track will provide students an opportunity to share their research with the international maritime community. Students selected to present at the conference receive free admission to the event. Papers can include graduate or undergraduate theses and other projects related to the maritime field. Participate by submitting your abstract here to be rewarded for your research, design, or thesis work!


Congress & Elections


The 2015 WMTC Congress & Elections is an opportunity for students to partake in and shape the direction of SNAME. Come and vote for representatives who will propel SNAME and our naval architecture and marine engineering industry further, or run for a leadership position yourself! This year, the SNAME Student Steering Committee looks forward to interacting with as many students at the 2015 WMTC Congress & Elections!


Saturday Social


The 2015 WMTC Saturday Social will allow student attendees of the WMTC to socialize in a fun environment, and the SNAME Student Steering Committee is thinking big this year! By obtaining sponsorships to offset the cost to students, the SSC encourages all students to participate and mingle. Join us to end the conference on an exciting note!

Upcoming Events: FAST 2015

Since their inception in Trondheim, Norway, in 1991 the bi-annual FAST conferences have been the world's leading technical conferences addressing fast sea transportation issues.


FAST 2015, the 13th International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation, will be held at FHI 360 Conference Center in Du Point Circle, Washington DC, USA the nation's capital.  The event will be on September 1-4, 2015.


The aim of the Conference is promoting the world-wide cooperation among scientists, engineers and operators who are concerned with all the aspects of the high-speed maritime industry. The FAST Conference program for 2015 will focus on high-quality papers and invited Keynote Lecturers. A thorough review process, of both abstracts and full manuscripts, will be used to select papers whose originality, relevance, timeliness, and significance meet the standards FAST attendees have come to expect. The conference will be conducted in the English language.


Please see the FAST website at: On the website, you can find the following:

For more information, please contact Alana Anderson at or directly at +1 703-997-6705.

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