December 2015

Farewell from the 2015 Student Steering Committee
2015 SNAME SSC (From Left to Right): Wesley Boone, George Rossopoulos, Andrew Ko, SNAME President Joe Comer, Renee Wiwel, Barr Turner, and Eric Helder
Andrew Ko - Chair

This past year was a busy one for SSC Chair Andrew Ko.  On top of the regular duties expected of the Student Chair, Andrew also took initiative in attempting to expand the Student Steering Committee's reach.  Andrew's efforts resulted in an increase in new Student Sections from around the world, which lead to the largest student program in SNAMEconference history at last November's WMTC.  Additionally, Andrew organized two WMC Student Webinars leading up to the WMTC.  This gave students from around the world the opportunity to virtually discuss with global industry professionals.  These first Webinars were a massive success and the SSC hope to continue to use this format of reaching out to students in the future.    
Renee Wiwel - Vice Chair

As the SSC Vice Chair, Renee Wiwel took on the task of supporting Andrew in all of his endeavors.  She excelled in all of her opportunities to help Andrew with any and all tasks relating to running the Student Steering Committee.  Additionally, Renee was responsible for organizing the Student Design competition at last month's WMTC.  The Design Competition was once again one of the highlights of the student program, giving students the opportunity to meet and interact over a fun and challenging mission.   
Eric Helder - Secretary/Treasurer 

Eric Helder, this year's SSC Secretary/Treasurer, was primarily tasked with organizing the WMTC Student Job Fair.  This is one of the most important events of the Student Program as it gives students the opportunity to interact solely with employers looking for Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, and Ocean Engineers.  Eric did a fantastic job organizing and operating this event giving students numerous full time and internship opportunities. 
George Rossopoulos - Electronics Media Chair 

It's been a year already full of great memories with an amazing SSC team. Within the year we managed quite a lot I believe and we should be proud of that. We are very happy to bring out this year for first time the Student Webinars, where we see a lot of potential for the students. Highlight of our work for one more year was the organization of the student program on WMTC where my primary role as Electronic Media Chair was to run the Microsite Competition. This year 20 sections participated with really high competition. I spent the year constantly checking on their microsites and social media pages and believe when I say this, it's been fantastic to know how hard all the sections were working throughout the year. Even more amazing is that when it comes to electronic media, there are no borders or time difference so you can browse online and see what every section is doing all around the world. Being part of the SSC is a great opportunity for students to make a difference and get the chance to meet and work together with professionals and I would highly encourage students to volunteer for such a position. #StayTuned #GetInvolved #SNAME_SSC.
Wesley Boone - Communications Chair

2015 was a great year to be in the Student Steering Committee!  As your Communications Chair, I spent the majority of each month writing and organizing this very newsletter, and I have had a blast doing it.  In addition to bringing SNAME's students information about upcoming events and opportunities, I was given the opportunity to bring you information about students and student sections from around the world.  I also was responsible for organizing the Student and Industry Round Table Discussions at this year's WMTC in Providence, RI.  I am very proud to say, that this year's Round Table was once again, one of the highlights of the WMTC.  I am honored to have worked with the SSC on tasks and events, and I hope that I was able to impact the students of SNAME positively. 
However, my favorite part of working in the SSC this year has been all the great people I got to meet.  No matter where I went, or what SNAME event I attended, everyone from the staff to the students to the professionals have been some of the nicest people I have ever met.  I will cherish the memories I have made with all of you and I am looking forward to interacting with you all in the future.  
Barr Turner - SSS Resource Management Chair AND 2016 SSC Chair

Serving as the SSS Resource Management Chairman on this year's Student Steering Committee was a great privilege. I had the opportunity to work with so many amazing SNAME student members from all over the world in planning the student papers track and the student social at the WMTC. The annual meeting is always a valuable and enjoyable experience, so getting to help plan it this year was truly an honor. I'm thrilled to have been elected chair of this year's Student Steering Committee. I'm very excited to continue the great work that Andrew has done this year and to work with all of SNAME's student members to make the experience even more valuable. I look forward to seeing everyone at the SMC 2016 in Bellevue!
Best of Luck to the 2016 SSC!
From left to right: Nick Stinson, Barr Turner, Taylor Wilson, Jared Adams, and Nick Price.
Congratulations to the newly elected SNAME Student Steering Committee!  Your 2016 SSC officers are:
Chair: Barr Turner, Webb Institute
Vice Chair: Jared Adams, Virginia Tech
Secretary/Treasurer: Nick Stinson, Virginia Tech 
Electronics Media Chair:  Nick Price, Virginia Tech
Communications Chair: Taylor Wilson, Memorial University
We are very excited to see what this talented young team brings to the SNAME student program in 2016!
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