Microsite Guide

New to managing your Student Section's microsite? Running into trouble with adding new content or with formatting? Check out the Microsite Guide below! (Please log in to your SNAME account to view.)

Social Media
Making a new social media page? Great! We'd love to follow you back, so please let your current SSC Electronic Media Chair, as well as SNAME HQ, know!

SNAME Electronic Media Chair: Teri LaForest (lafort@umich.edu)
SNAME HQ: Valerie Hutnan (vhutnan@sname.org) or Thais De Oliveira (thaisd@sname.org)
Current as of 2018

Feel free to use the SNAME logo as inspiration for designing your Student Section's logo. Get a little creative, and add some professional flair to your section! Download them here.