We are happy to introduce the 2019 SSC Board! (Have a question? Email our Chair at  NGadelrab2016@my.fit.edu or reach out to us on Facebook!)
Chair: Natalie Gadelrab

Education: Florida Institute of Technology, Ocean Engineering, and Minor in Sustainability (May 2020)
About: "I'm a third year Ocean Engineering student with a minor in sustainability at Florida Tech. I grew up 5 minutes from the beach in sunny south Florida and was initially introduced to the maritime industry during a boat building competition in high school, followed by a tour of a ship yard. I've been the Chair of the Florida Tech SNAME student section since December of 2017 and was on the SSC as Communications Chair in 2018. During the past 2.5 years as an undergraduate at Florida Tech, I've explored many faces of Ocean Engineering - from working at the Center for Corrosion and Biofouling Control at Florida Tech, interning at a vibration analysis company in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, interning with Carnival Cruise Line, and presently working with a Naval Architecture firm. I've learned a lot that's helped me fall more and more in love with the industry. When I'm not working or studying I love to do yoga, travel and explore Disney. I'm especially excited to serve as the Chair for 2019 and continue to give back to the society that has helped me grow so much over the past 2.5 years!"

Vice Chair: Tayo Oladele
: Virginia Tech, Ocean Engineering, BSE (2020)
About: "I was born and raised in Nigeria, one of the world’s leaders in oil production. Growing up with both parents in the oil industry, at a young age of 7, I already knew I wanted to be a marine engineer. Something about the ocean fascinated me so much. In pursuit of this dream, I decided to school in the United States. I am currently a junior at Virginia Tech, studying Ocean Engineering. I plan to go into commercial boats and yacht design. On the side, I am a videographer and also a photographer. I usually take portraits of people or shoot collegiate sports games. I am honored and excited to serve as the Vice Chair on the Student Steering Committee for this year."

Secretary: Emilio Domenech Estarellas
: Stevens Institute of Technology, Naval Engineering (2021)
AboutFor as long as I can remember I  have always loved the ocean and boats more than anything, given this interest, I decided to pursue a  degree in Naval Engineering. I am currently a Junior at Stevens Institute of technology and plan to work in yacht design when I graduate. As of now, I am involved in research to install diesel hybrid electric engines in sport fishing yachts and work at the High Speed towing tank at the Davidson lab. I'm looking forward to a productive year and will serve you well as Secretary. 

Communications Chair: Cooper Mitchell
Florida Institute of Technology, B.S. Ocean Engineering (2019)
About: "I'm a Senior in the Ocean Engineering Department at Florida Tech. I'm originally from Oakton, Virginia and was first introduced to the marine industry when I completed my first SCUBA dive at 12, I was hooked, just recently earing rescue and scientific diver certifications. I'm the President of the FTTC and I am very active in several other student organizations on campus, in addition, l am the Vice President of the Society of Ocean Engineers and formerly held the position of Public Relations. I am the SSC Communications Chair, I'm involved with SNAME because I want to give back to the contribute to the Society that's given me so much over the past three years and represent Florida Tech to the industry as a whole. I'm have worked at Compsys, a small boat part manufacturing company as an engineer for the past year where I was given a wide range of projects from time studies to complex design work. I've interned at the NRSC in Washington, DC, as a Political Strategy Intern where I had unbelievable experiences in the shadow of the nation’s capital. After I graduate with my Bachelors in Ocean Engineering, I hope to work in the offshore industry. I hope to provide the students of SNAME with the same excellent experience and opportunities that were given to me."

Electronic Media Chair: Pavlos Karagiannidis
: National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, MEng(2019)
About: "I was born and raised at Athens, Greece but I am also 25% Italian. Before entering the University I was a junior tennis player and then tennis coach. However, my passion for tennis has been replaced by my passion for Science, Engineering, and Ships! During my 5-year Uni-life, I have been engaged with SNAME activities and committees. I am attending SNAME technical seminars and presentation of the Greek Parent & Student Sections unfailingly since 2015 and I served as Secretary and Electronic Media Chair of the Greek Student Section from June 2017 to June 2018. This year during SMC 2018 at Providence, I was honored to be elected as Electronic Media Chair of the SSC 2019 and so I will be able to continue promoting SNAME's spirit through Social Media and Website. Furthermore, I will receive my Master's Degree from the School of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering of the National Technical University in March 2019. My academic interests include Ship Performance, Deep Learning, and Optimization."

Resource Management Chair: Dimitris Georgiadis
: National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, Ph.D. (2022)
About: "I graduated from the five-year study program of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2016. During my studies, I was attracted to subjects dealing with Ships and Offshore Structures. Concerning my work experience, I have been a trainee at the Training department of Halkidon Shipping Corporation in Piraeus and I have experience on consulting engineering since I was a member of a research team that conducted consultant engineering services on the hull structure of a double-ended Ro-Ro Passenger ship in Perama of Greece. Having completed my diploma thesis in 2016, I received the Best Diploma Thesis Award of the year at the technical meeting presented to the Greek Section of SNAME, where graduate students from NAME present their thesis. Afterward, I was honored with the international Undergraduate Paper Honor Prize, with my paper: ‘‘Conversion of an Oil Tanker into FPSO: Strength and Reliability Assessment’’ awarded by SNAME at the Annual Maritime Convention at Houston in 2017. I currently work as a Ph.D. Student and Researcher at the Department of Marine Structures of NAME under the supervision of Professor Emmanuel Samuelides on the subject of: ‘‘Structural Reliability Assessment of ship-shaped vessels in Accidental Limit States’’. My research area focuses on the field of advanced numerical methods for strength prediction of ships and FPSOs, structural reliability analysis, uncertainty quantification, and reduction methods, artificial intelligence with emphasis on the ship structure and non-linear finite element methods."

Immediate Past Chair:  James Coller
 University of Michigan, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, BSE (April 2017), MSE (April 2018), Ph.D. (April 2021)
About: "I fell in love with the marine industry when I came to the University of Michigan in 2013 and have not turned back since. I have spent a lot of time doing research on ship motion forecasting previously, and my current research focuses on marine autonomy, which will be the focus of my Ph.D. work. I currently work on AUVs for military applications and I am beginning to work on autonomous surface vehicles. When I am not working on my research, I can often be found with a camera in my hand photographing various professional and collegiate sports events. To read more about my research, check out my website at https://sites.google.com/umich.edu/jcoller or robots.engin.umich.edu."

Past Leadership

Chair: James Coller, University of Michigan
Vice Chair: Theodoros Kardaras, National Technical University of Athens
Secretary/Treasurer: Jillian Greatsinger, Stevens Institute of Technology
Communications Chair: Natalie Gadelrab,  Florida Institute of Technology
Electronic Media Chair: Teri LaForest, University of Michigan
SSS Resource Management Chair: Elettra Ganoulis, University of Southampton


Chair: Nick Stinson, Virginia Tech
Vice Chair: James Coller, University of Michigan
Secretary/Treasurer: Holly Berckenhoff, Texas A&M
Communications Chair: Jon Stone, Memorial University
Electronic Media Chair: Jillian Greatsinger, Stevens Institute of Technology
SSS Resource Management Chair: Alli Waters, Stevens Institute of Technology

Chair: Barr Turner, Webb Institute
Vice Chair: Jared Adams, Virginia Tech
Secretary/Treasurer: Nick Stinson, Virginia Tech
Communications Chair: Taylor Wilson, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Electronic Media Chair: Nicholas Price, Virginia Tech
SSS Resource Management Chair: Rob Emmitt, University of Michigan

Chair: Andrew Ko, Webb Institute
Vice Chair: Renee Wiwel, University of Michigan
Secretary/Treasurer: Eric Helder, University of Michigan
Communications Chair: Wesley Boone, Virginia Tech
Electronic Media Chair: George Rossopoulos, National Technical University of Athens
SSS Resource Management Chair: Barr Turner, Webb Institute

Chair: Jonathan Holbert, University of Michigan
Vice Chair: Kristen Lehman, Florida Atlantic University
Secretary/Treasurer: Daniell Kolber, Florida Atlantic University
Communications Chair: Ilias Soultanias, National Technical University of Athens
Electronic Media Chair: Jonathan Steirer, Maine Maritime Academy
SSS Chair: Katharine Plummer, Virginia Tech

Chair: Colin Shields, University of Michigan
Vice Chair: Allison Oswalt, Virginia Tech
Secretary/Treasurer: Steven DeBoer, University of Michigan
Electronic Media Chair: Jonathan Steirer, Maine Maritime Academy

Chair: Mark Groden, University of Michigan
Vice Chair: Nicole Waters, Florida Institute of Technology
Secretary/Treasurer: Samantha Lee, Virginia Tech
Electronic Media Chair: Julianne Cona, SUNY Maritime
SSS Chair: Devin Witt, University of Michigan
T&R Student Representative: Tom Devine, University of Michigan
Committee Advisor: Dr. Leigh McCue, Virginia Tech

Chair: Nathan Hagan, Webb Institute
Vice Chair: Mark Groden, University of Michigan
Secretary/Treasurer: Lampros Nikolopoulos, National Technical University of Athens
Communications Chair: Samantha Lee, Virginia Tech
Electronic Media Chair: Thomas Devine, Virginia Tech
SSS Chair: Gaelen Krause, University of British Columbia
Committee Advisor: Dr. Richard Boutwell, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilder

Chair: Doug Rigterink, University of Michigan
Vice Chair: Vanna Keller, Texas A&M
Secretary/Treasurer: Marc Wooliscroft, University of Michigan
Communications Chair: Noble Davidson, SUNY Maritime
Electronic Media Chair: Nathan Hagan, Webb Institute

Chair: Gil Romano, University of New Orleans
Vice Chair: Morgan Parker, University of Michigan
Secretary/Treasurer: Jacob Genauer, Webb Institute
Communications Chair: J. Gaston Doucet, University of New Orleans
Electronic Media Chair: Eric Giesberg, Stevens Institute of Technology

Chair: Weston Hawkins, Maritime College
Vice Chair: Julie Lane, The Apprentice School
Secretary/Treasurer: Vincent Wickenheiser, Webb Institute
Communications Chair: Michael Klein
Electronic Media Chair: Gregory Kogan

Chair: Lauren Daly, University of New Orleans
Vice Chair: Stephen Gatz, SUNY & University of British Columbia
Secretary/Treasurer: Clark Maxwell, Texas A&M
Communications Chair: Brian Petersen, Webb Institute
Electronic Media Chair: Brandon Ellingson, University of Michigan