We are happy to introduce the 2018 SSC Board! (Have a question? Email our Chair at jcoller@umich.edu or reach out to us on Facebook!)

Chair: James Coller
James_Coller.jpgEducation: University of Michigan, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, BSE (April 2017), MSE (April 2018), PhD (April 2021)
About: "I fell in love with the marine industry when I came to the University of Michigan in 2013 and have not turned back since. I have spent a lot of time doing research on ship motion forecasting previously, and my current research focuses on marine autonomy, which will be the focus of my PhD work. I currently work on AUVs for military applications and I am beginning to work on autonomous surface vehicles. When I am not working on my research, I can often be found with a camera in my hand photographing various professional and collegiate sports events. To read more about my research, check out my website at https://sites.google.com/umich.edu/jcoller or robots.engin.umich.edu."

Vice Chair: Theodoros Kardaras
Theodoros_Kardaras.jpgEducation: National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, MEng
About: Theodoros Kardaras was born and raised in Pyrgos, a small town near Ancient Olympia, Elias. Theodoros started his undergraduate studies on Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering at NTUA at the end of 2013. From the very first years, he was one of the most loyal followers and members of SNAME, having attended a variety of technical meeting and presentations, both of SNAME Greek Professional and Student Section. Since April 2017, Theodoros has been serving as Vice-Chair of SNAME NTUA Greek Student Section. In October 2017, he participated the SNAME Maritime Convention 2017 where he was recognized as a SNAME’s Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient. Moreover, Theodoros was elected from the Student Congress as Vice-Chair of SSC 2018, and in the upcoming year he is due to serve SNAME once again, this time from a different position. As far as his work experience is concerned, Theodoros had an internship at Streamlined Naval Architects Ltd where he gained a great amount of practical knowledge and experience and took a taste of Structural Design, Class Requirements and Shipyard Practise.

Secretary: Jillian Greatsinger
IMG_0807.pngEducation: Stevens Institute of Technology, Naval Engineering (May 2019)
About: "I’m an undergraduate Naval engineer from Stevens Institute of Technology graduating in May of 2019, but I’m currently studying in the master's vehicular program in KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m currently the secretary of the SSC. I’ve been involved in the maritime industry since I was a little girl and always loved fishing and going out on my parents boat -- I even got my captains license as a teenager. I was lucky enough to work for Metal Shark boats as an intern this past summer in Jeanerette/Franklin, Louisiana. Oh and my favorite animal is a polar bear!"

Communications Chair: Natalie Gadelrab
IMG_6886.jpgEducation: Florida Institute of Technology, Ocean Engineering and Minor in Sustainability (May 2020)
About: "I'm a sophomore studying Ocean Engineering at Florida Tech in Melbourne, Florida. I'm originally from Hollywood, Florida and was introduced to the marine industry my sophomore year of high school during the Plywood Regatta hosted by the Marine Industries Association of South Florida where we built a two-person rowboat in one day from plywood, zip ties and marine adhesive and raced it the following morning. I'm the Chair of the SNAME Student Section at Florida Tech and the SSC Communications Chair, I'm involved with SNAME because I want to give back to something that's given me so much over the past year -- from a scholarship to networking opportunities, SNAME has helped me grow and improve as a student. I'm currently working at the Center for Corrosion and Biofouling Control at Florida Tech as an Undergraduate Research Assistant where I help professors and graduate students with different projects. I've interned at Advanced Mechanical Enterprises (AME) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, as a Mechanical Engineer Intern. After I graduate with my Bachelors in Ocean Engineering and a minor in Sustainability, I hope to work with renewable ocean energy. I can't wait for my next year on the Student Steering Committee and my future as a SNAME member!"

Electronic Media Chair: Teresa LaForest
943720_10202273974628802_1440672728_n_-_Copy.jpgEducation: University of Michigan, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, BSE (April 2017), MSE (April 2018)
About: "Having grown up ten minutes from Lake Michigan, I was always drawn to the water whether I was swimming in the lake, sailing on it, or enjoying the beach beside it. When I came to the University of Michigan, I learned of the many opportunities in the marine industry and the strong community that comes with it, so I decided to study Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. During my summers, I was fortunate to be able to intern both at Glosten and General Dynamics NASSCO to gain perspective about the engineering design and consulting side of the marine industry as well as the shipbuilding side. Also, I have served on the board of UM's SNAME student section and am excited to be a part of SSC this year. Upon my graduation in April, I'm greatly looking forward to joining the design firm Bristol Harbor Group. Outside of naval architecture, I love being active, whether I'm hiking, climbing, or playing intramural sports."

Resource Management Chair: Elettra Ganoulis
18422260_1546197698748455_5023934348033785409_o.jpgEducation: University of Southampton, UK, Ship Science, MEng (June 2018)
About: "I am currently in my Master’s (fourth) year at the University of Southampton, UK, studying Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.  I first joined SNAME in early 2017, while on a semester abroad at Webb Institute, US. As a Greek/Italian national that grew up in Germany and is studying in England, I hope to further the communication between SNAME Student Sectors across the word, especially within the Western Europe one. The most complex project I am working on at the moment, together with fellow students from Southampton, is the development of an autonomous vessel that will attempt to cross the Atlantic using only renewable energy. During two summer internships with BMT Nigel Gee and Carnival I had the opportunity to work on various other projects, including the operational profile mapping of Superyachts. Apart from engineering, I like designing and at some stage of my life I seriously considered becoming an architect – but marine engineering won me over. Not surprisingly, I like to spend my free time at sea, swimming, sailing, diving or…drawing."

Immediate Past Chair: Nick Stinson
Stinson_Headshot.jpgEducation: Virginia Tech, Ocean & Aerospace Engineering, BSE (2016) and Ocean Engineering, MS
About: Nick served on the Student Steering Committee for two years (Secretary/Treasurer and Chair) before taking on the role of Committee Advisor. He graduated from Virginia Tech in Ocean and Aerospace Engineering in 2016 and is currently pursuing a MS in Ocean Engineering from Virginia Tech. He also recently started his career as a Naval Architect for the Brunswick Corporation working with the Quicksilver and Uttern brands. When he's not behind a desk he's usually on the surface boating or under the waves SCUBA diving.