SMC 2018 - Awards and Recognition

SMC 2018 is where SNAME honors and recognizes those members who have made outstanding contributions to SNAME and the maritime industry. Please join your peers and colleagues at SMC to congratulate them on their achievements!

The Dr. Kenneth S. M. Davidson Medal
Davidson Medalist
Professor Claude Daley
Memorial University of Newfoundland
The David W. Taylor Medal
Taylor Medalist
Professor Frederick Stern
University of Iowa
The William H. Webb Medal
Webb Medalist
Edwin G. Wiggins
Webb Institute
The Francis T. Bowles Medal
Katherine L. Beaumont
General Dynamics Bath Iron Works
The Vice Admiral 
Emory S. "Jerry" Land Medal
Joseph H.Comer III
Maritime Solutions South LLC
Other Awards

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  • SMC 2018 Paper Contest Winners

    Congratulations to Antonio Gallardo of LR for winning the 2018 Graduate Paper Honor Prize entitled "Investigation of Air Lubrication Effect on Ship Friction Resistance". He was the 1st prize winner of SNAME Western Europe's Paper Contest 2017. Congratulations to Konstantinos Tsitsilonis of University of Strathclyde  for winning the 2018 Graduate Paper Award entitled "Systematic Method for Ship's Main Energy Management: The Case Study of a VLCC ". He was the 2nd prize winner of SNAME Western Europe's ... More
  • Scholarship

    Congratulations to Kritonas Dionysiou for receiving the Robert N. Herbert scholarship.  He is a student of University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK and the past student chair of University of Strathclyde's  SNAME Student section. Congratulations to Margot G. C. Cocard of Southampton University as a recipient of 2018 Graduate Scholarship from SNAME. At present she is a PhD student of Strathclyde University. Congratulations to Jaqueline Hong of University of Antwerp as a recipient of 2018 David ... More
  • Join SNAME WES Paper Contest 2019

    It's 4th year in a row that SNAME WES is conducting a Paper Contest. Submission of abstract is open on Friday 23 November 2018 to all Western Europe SNAME members of age 35 years and under. More

President's Blog

  • In 2018, SNAME and OTC are marking two remarkable milestones. The Offshore Technology Conference celebrates its 50 th  year ...