2014-2015 Faces of SNAME

Thomas P. Mackey is the former owner and Chairman of Hyde Marine, Inc., a Calgon Carbon Company, and is currently a Senior Consultant located in Cleveland, Ohio. He received BSE and MSE degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan.  He is a Life Fellow, Honorary Member and Honorary Vice President of SNAME and the 2005 Land Medalist. He chaired the Great Lakes and Great Rivers Section and has been a member of that section since 1965.


Mr. Mackey served as Chair of the T&R Steering Comm. in the 1990s and has also chaired the Nominating Comm. and the International Activities Comm. He was instrumental in establishing the World Maritime Technology Conference, was Chairman of WMTC 2003, hosted by SNAME in San Francisco, was the first Chairman of the World Maritime Technology Congress, and has been the SNAME representative to the Congress since 2003.


He has presented many technical papers on Ballast Water Management at various symposia during the past 15 years and led the BW Management Panel Session at WMTC 2015. He was Chairman of the Control Committee and author of the Hull Machinery Chapter of the SNAME publication, “Marine Engineering” in 1992. Mr. Mackey has also presented several technical papers on other subjects to various professional societies. 


He is also a Fellow and Honorary Vice President of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science & Technology (IMarEST) and a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA). He is currently Co-Chair of the IMarEST Ballast Water Expert Group and an IMarEST delegate to IMO.


Mr. Mackey has been active in the marine business for the past 50 years and has been with Hyde since it was established in Cleveland, Ohio in 1969.


Name: Austin Grieger

Section: Texas A&M University Student Section

Austin is currently a Senior Ocean Engineering student attending Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. He is also the Chair of the SNAME Student Section at Texas A&M University. He is excited to be a representative of the SNAME organization at Texas A&M and with the help of his officers, has been able expand the chapter on campus.

Austin’s interest in the marine industry began as a child through his father. They would spend time together fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and was influenced by the enormity and complexity of projects while offshore. He has spent the previous two summers as a Project Engineer/ Manager for Williams Co. working in both Texas and Louisiana. His work experience has given him an opportunity to work in a cryogenic plant, fractionator, compressor stations, and on Williams’ offshore assets in the Gulf of Mexico.

Through his time and studies at Texas A&M, Austin has been grateful for all the support and opportunities SNAME has provided him since becoming a member his Freshmen year. Attending monthly meetings and being able to get involved with SNAME events has been beneficial to his continuous learning. Also, SNAME has given him the opportunity to network with other academic and industry professionals. 


Matthew Unger is the Chief Operating Officer for Metal Shark Aluminum Boats, located in Jeanerette and Franklin, Louisiana.  Prior to his current position, he served as its Vice President.  Matthew joined Metal Shark as its first full-time naval architect in 2007; and has grown with the company as it has increased in size from 20 to 250+ employees in the past 8 years.  His present responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of design, engineering, and production at Metal Shark’s two yards. 

Most of Matthew’s experience has been in the design and construction of aluminum vessels ranging from 16 to 75 feet.  He has designed several patrol craft currently in use by the U.S. Navy and other law enforcement agencies, and has overseen the design of most of the Metal Shark design portfolio. 

Prior to joining Metal Shark, Matthew was a Naval Architect at Seaworthy Systems, Inc. in Essex, Connecticut. 

Matthew holds a B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute, a M.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and a M.S. in Ocean Systems Management, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Matthew has been an active member of SNAME, crediting the Society for several of his career successes.  He began his involvement with SNAME as a high school student intern.  Later during college and graduate school he became the SNAME Student Steering Committee Chair, serving two terms.  During his time as Chair, he helped to expand the role of the SSC and increase the Society’s awareness of student membership issues.  After graduating, Matthew led efforts to create and chair the Young Professionals Committee, to highlight and create value in the SNAME membership for our recently graduated members.  Matthew has served on the SNAME Executive Committee and Council for multiple terms, as well as other SNAME committees.  He currently serves as SNAME’s Alternate Functional Vice President of Finance and is a member of the Awards Committee.    

In addition to his involvement with SNAME, Matthew has served on the Board of Trustees of his alma mater, Webb Institute. 



Keith Lilley is a Naval Architect with over 40 years experience. Prior to joining the Europe Divisional Headquarters of ABS Europe Ltd. in 1995, he worked for a small shipyard in Yorkshire, England where he was involved with the design and building of vessels up to 110 metres in length. Vessel types contracted at the shipyard during this time included Tugs, Trawlers, Ferries, Workboats, Tankers, Coasters, Gas Carriers, Launches, Supply Vessels, Dredgers, Patrol Vessels, Tuna Boats, Barges and Fleet Tenders. He worked on all aspects of design and construction on over 200 vessels constructed in both Steel and Aluminum for both commercial and MOD work.

Keith Lilley is currently the Manager of Special Projects at ABS Europe Ltd. and is actively involved in Rule Development, Engineering Coordination and HSE. He previously served as Director of Engineering in the Ship and Offshore Engineering Department.

Keith is a graduate of Newcastle University with a Master's Degree in Ship Technology. Prior to this he obtained an Honours Diploma in Naval Architecture at Sunderland Polytechnic.

He currently acts as the Vice Chair and Membership Chair of the SNAME Western Europe Section.

In addition to being a SNAME Member, he is also a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects and Chartered Engineer.He has been the President of the RINA London branch for the last five years.





Todd Grove is the President and CEO of the ABS Group of Companies, Inc. (ABS Group).  Previously, he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for ABS Group’s parent company, the American Bureau of Shipping, as well as President and Chief Operating Officer of the Europe, Pacific and Americas Divisions of ABS and Chief of Staff of the Bureau.

He joined ABS in 1982 serving in the Corporate Office in the New York area, Pacific Divisional Headquarters in Singapore, Europe Divisional Headquarters in London, Country Manager’s office in Korea, and Americas Divisional and Corporate Headquarters in Houston.

Grove has worked on a wide range of projects including supporting studies for the development of alternative dynamic stability criteria adopted into the 1989 IMO MODU Code. He was project manager of the ABS SafeHull project when this new hull structure criteria was introduced to the industry in 1993. He has also participated in a number of other rule development efforts for offshore applications covering subjects such as spars, TLPs, synthetic mooring ropes, and offshore LNG terminals.

He is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and the University of Houston with a Masters in Business Administration. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program.

In addition to be a SNAME Fellow, Grove is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He is also a member of the National Advisory Board of the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the University of Michigan and member of the Texas A&M University Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) Advisory Board.




 Name: Tim Arcano

SNAME Section: Chesapeake

Location: Newport News, VA, USA



Dr. Joseph T. (Tim) Arcano, Jr., a member of the Senior Executive Service since November 2011, was appointed as the technical director for Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Carderock Division in May 2013. He leads more than 3,000 employees who provide the Navy a broad range of technical support specializing in hull, mechanical and electrical engineering.


Prior to his assignment at NSWC Carderock Division, Dr. Arcano served as the director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Ocean Exploration, where he was responsible for advising NOAA and the U.S. Department of Commerce in the field of ocean exploration, research and advanced technology development.


Prior to his assignment at NOAA, he served as Corbin A. McNeill Endowed Chair in Naval Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy, and as Deputy Chief of nuclear safety at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). He also served as technical director and technical authority (ship design manager) for the VIRGINIA-class Submarine Program, as technical authority for advanced submarines at Naval Sea System Command and as a program manager on technical staff at the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board. For the National Science Foundation, he served as a member of the Replacement Human Occupied Vehicle (HOV) Oversight Committee, overseeing the development of the replacement for the HOV ALVIN.


Dr. Arcano served for 30 years of active and Reserve commissioned service in the Navy as an engineering duty officer qualified in submarines, as a salvage diving officer and as an acquisition professional. He retired as a Navy captain.


He earned a bachelor of science degree in ocean engineering from the U. S. Naval Academy, a master of science degree in mechanical engineering and an ocean engineer degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; a master of science degree in national resource strategy from the National Defense University Industrial College of the Armed Forces; and a Ph.D. in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Maryland.


In June 2015, he hosted the SNAME Council Retreat at Carderock Division’s headquarters in West Bethesda, Md.












 Name: Suzanne Beckstoffer

SNAME Section: Hampton Roads

Location: Newport News, VA, USA


Suzanne Beckstoffer is a 30+ year career shipbuilder and Director Engineering, Process & Tools for Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, VA. 

She is responsible for the Engineering & Design computer tools and processes that support multiple ship design,  construction, overhaul, and maintenance programs.  These    include major  migration and upgrade projects to new design, planning, material, earned value, and other tools; data validation; 3D visualization; integrated data environments; and the company’s classified network.  Previously she was Director Technology Development, leading the company’s research and development program and the Washington Technical Office.  Her prior experience includes  managing the FORD Class aircraft carrier design/build processes and tools, as well as positions of increasing responsibility in aircraft carrier and submarine engineering, engineering management, strategic planning, steel fabrication, and business development.

Suzanne holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from NC State University and an MBA from The College of William and Mary.  She is Chairman of the Board of BayPort Credit Union, a $1.3 billion financial institution with 111,000 members headquartered in Newport News, VA. 

She serves on several university boards: Immediate Past-Chairman and member of the NC State Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Department Industry Advisory Board; Christopher Newport University Physics, Computer Science and Engineering Department Advisory Board; and the Webb Institute Industry Advisory Board.  She is a past Vice President Membership of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and a Past President of the Warwick Rotary Club. 

She currently serves on the SNAME Fellows Committee and is Chair of the Applications Committee.  She is a member of the Hampton Roads Section.

The Peninsula Engineers Council elected her Engineer of the Year in 2015.









 Name: Christos Kontovas

SNAME Section: Western Europe

Location: Denmark

Christos is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Transport of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) working on green maritime transportation with a focus on minimizing the environmental impact of shipping. He holds a Diploma (2005) in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NA&ME) from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and a Ph.D.  (2011) in the area of maritime risk assessment from NTUA as well.

Christos holds an extensive experience from participation in  several large-scale EU projects as well from being a member of the Greek delegation to the International Maritime Organization (IMO). 

He joined SNAME in 2008 as a Student member during his Ph.D studies and he soon became very active in the SNAME Student Section at the National Technical University of Athens, the first student section outside North America.

Passionate about our Society, Christos has previously served as Chairman of the SNAME Student Section at NTUA for two    consecutive terms (2009-2010 & 2010-2011) and as a Senior Chair next year. After the completion of his studies Christos was in charge of establishing the Young Professionals (YP) Program in Greece.

In April 2012, he was elected to the Executive Committee of the Greek Section for the period of 2012-2014, where he served as the Chairman of the Papers Committee until May 2013, when he moved to Denmark.

Christos is deeply grateful to SNAME, not only for the technical aspects of the membership, but also for the great networking, the personal relationships and the skills he has developed during his active participation. 








 Name: Victoria Dlugokecki

SNAME Section: New York Metropolitan

Location: Franklin Square, NY

 Victoria Dlugokecki is an engineering and management consultant with more  than 25 years of experience in ship design and construction.  As a consultant for the past 11 years, her career has allowed her to work with many different shipyards across the United States, big and small, public and private.  She  specializes in initial design of military and commercial ships and also focuses on  shipbuilding and ship design process improvements.  A significant portion of her time as a consultant has been spent on projects for the National Shipbuilding Research Program, the Center for Naval Shipbuilding Technology and the Naval Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing Center, as well as other shipyard initiatives, working on ways to reduce ship building and ship life cycle costs.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Vicky was a senior supervisor at General Dynamics NASSCO in the Initial Design and Naval Architecture Department.  During her time at the shipyard, she was able to support the design and/or construction of the AOE-6 class, the LMSR class, TOTE Orca class ro-ro vessels, BP Alaskan class tankers, and the T-AKE class.  As an engineer at American Bureau of Shipping, she worked on rule development and quality assurance.  Vicky started her career at C. R. Cushing and Co., Inc., where she was able to participate in all aspects of engineering design for various types of commercial and military vessels.  A graduate of Webb Institute of Naval Architecture and MIT, she has been a member of SNAME since her time as a student, and is a regular attendee of the SNAME Maritime Convention.  She has authored several papers on ship production, including subjects on design for producibility and maintainability, production planning and weld shrinkage, which was presented SNAME’s 2013 Elmer L. Hann award for best Ship Production Symposium technical paper.










Roger Basu

SNAME Section:

Eastern Canadian




 Roger I. Basu is a structural engineer with more than 40   years experience.  His early experience was in the structural design and analysis of offshore structures and also land-based structures.  For the last 30 years his focus has been exclusively on ship and offshore structures.  He has worked on the analysis and design of both commercial and naval ships and has led a number of research projects in related areas.

Prior to joining the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) in 1997 he worked for 10 years at a naval architectural firm in Ottawa, Canada.  At ABS Roger held a number of positions and retired in early 2012 as the Director of Shared Technology responsible for the development of several technologies applicable to both marine and offshore sectors. For the next two years he was on the faculty of Webb Institute in NY where he taught a number of subjects including ship structures.  He is now the President of his own company, Roger Basu & Associates Inc., based in Toronto, Canada and remains active as an independent consultant focusing on consulting and training in the general area of marine structural integrity.

He is a former Principal Member of the Ship Structure Committee and is on the Editorial Board of the journal Marine Structures.  Roger is a longstanding member of the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers and currently chairs SNAME’s Hull Structure Committee.

Roger holds a Ph.D. in structural engineering from the University of Western Ontario in Canada.











Andrew Euikyun Ko

SNAME Section:

New York Metropolitan


Philadelphia, PA


Webb Institute

BS in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Expected in 2016.

Currently a junior at Webb Institute, Andrew graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with Bachelors in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Engineering Public Policy in 2011, only to be lured back to school after one year of work. His long interest in offshore energy prompted him to attend Webb Institute, a school introduced to him during his sophomore year at Carnegie Mellon by Webb alumnus, Mr. Richard Celotto ‘73.


Andrew has since exposed himself to the marine industry through Webb’s winter work program, working at Bay Ship & Yacht Co. in Alameda, sailing on Woodside Goode for MaranGas Maritime Inc., and additionally working at SafeBoats International in Seattle during the summer of 2014. He plans to work at Glosten Associates in Seattle this winter to expose himself further to various design and feasibility studies in marine infrastructure and offshore development projects.


He is grateful to SNAME for supporting him as a student with the Robert N. Herbert undergraduate scholarship and the opportunities to network and broaden his knowledge of the marine industry, and looks forward to continuing an active role with SNAME as the 2015 incoming Student Steering Committee Chairman. 




  Name: Sonia Floriano

 Employer & Position: General Dynamics  NASSCO, Engineering Outfitting Designer

  Location: San Diego, CA

  SNAME Section: Southwest

 Sonia is currently the Vice-Chair for the San Diego  Region of the Southwest Section. She is one of the  most active and enthusiastic  members of the  section  having served previously as the Meetings  Chair  where she coordinated the year’s schedule of  events.

 Ms. Floriano began her career in the shipbuilding  industry in 2008 when  she joined NASSCO’s  Supply Chain Management team. She began as a  buyer responsible for procurement of new  construction machinery for the  shipyard. Since then  she has transitioned to the engineering department  where she is in the Outfit Engineering department  working on  development of assembly planning and  generation of production  information.  Previous to  this, Sonia had a lengthy career in the apparel  industry working in a variety of roles including  purchasing, quality  assurance and production  management positions.

 In her free time, Sonia enjoys spending time with her  family. She also  enjoys reading, golfing, traveling  and completing interior design where she  has  recently completed two renovation projects. 




Jaideep Sirkar

Employer and position:
US Coast Guard Headquarters,

Chief, Naval Architecture Division,

Office of Design and Engineering Standards

 Location: Washington DC

BTech (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) 1981  IIT Kharagpur 1981

MSE (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) 1982 University of  Michigan

MS (Computer Science)  1991 Johns Hopkins University

MS (National Resource Management/National Security Studies) 2001 National Defense University/ICAF – Eisenhower School 

SNAME Section:

SNAME Positions:
Previous SNAME positions include: Functional VP for Technology;  Chair, Chesapeake Section; Chair, T&R Steering Committee; Chair, International Activities Committee

Previous SNAME Committee memberships: Executive Committee, Council,  Awards, Papers, several T&R panels.

Current SNAME Committee memberships: T&R Steering, Planning, Featured Papers

Jaideep SIRKAR

Jaideep has been a member of SNAME since 1983; he has been active at local and national levels on various panels and committees. He has authored and presented papers on tanker design and ship design standards – in SNAME journals and conferences as well as other forums.

His first association with SNAME began like many others – textbooks and references available to students at special rates.  He was quickly impressed by the quality of SNAME publications, and decided to make SNAME an integral part of his professional life.

He began his career working for premier ship design firms for nearly a decade, and then moved to the United States Coast Guard (USCG) as a senior naval architect. 

Currently, Jaideep is the Chief of the Naval Architecture Division, within the Office of Design and Engineering Standards at USCG headquarters in Washington DC.   The Division serves as the Coast Guard's primary office for the development of standards and regulations (national and international) related to ship stability, load lines, and structures. The Division also supports the United States delegations to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) at various organs of IMO, including the Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction (SDC), and the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC).

Passionate about SNAME, Jaideep has remained active in SNAME for his entire professional career, from technical paper authorship, to serving on many Committees, panels and working groups.  He is deeply grateful to SNAME, not only for the technical aspects of membership, but also for the enduring, personal relationships.

Jaideep resides in the suburbs of Washington DC with his wife of over 30 years, and they have two daughters.