Pacific Northwest Section - Capsize Egress and Survival

When:  Feb 25, 2019 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM (PT)
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Capsize Egress and Survival

Monday, February 25, 2019
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

This will be a 2-part presentation about capsize egress and survival with particular reference to RO-RO and passenger vessels. Bruce Hutchison wrote a paper on the subject which won the 2018 Linnard Prize. SNAME will now formally presented the Linnard Prize to Bruce before he gives a summary presentation of his paper (part 1). Bruce's paper sparked an Ad-Hoc panel, chaired by Rick Ashcroft, who will provide an update on the panel's past and planned work (part 2).

Part 1: Presented by Bruce Hutchison
This is a reprise presentation of the ABS Captain Joseph H. Linnard prize winning paper (of the same title), selected as the best paper presented at SMC 2017 in Houston, Texas. The paper examines the historical accident record and finds evidence that capsize is a leading cause of fatalities for ferries, RO-RO and passenger vessels. The paper examines the obstacles to egress faced by persons onboard a large vessel engaged in a capsize evolution and the survival challenges faced by those that are successful in exiting the vessel interior. Plausible measures to mitigate these obstacles and survival challenges are suggested in the hope that the profession will develop even better solutions. One of the primary recommendations of the paper was that SNAME create an Ad Hoc Panel (AHP-22) to consider capsize egress and survivability (which has been done).

Part 2: Presented by Rick Ashcroft
A one-year status report on Ad Hoc Panel AHP-22 Capsize Egress and Survivability. A brief description of the Panel, what we have done in the past year, and our plans for 2019.

Speaker Name & Bio
Bruce L. Hutchison, P.E.:
Forty plus year career with Glosten where he founded the ocean engineering & analysis practice group. He is the author of over fifty published papers presented variously at SNAME, RINA, and other venues. His papers on “Joint Seakeeping Response for Determining Structural Loads” and “Maneuvering Simulations – an Application to Waterway Navigability” were awarded the Linnard prize for best paper in 2003 and 2004 respectively. Germane to the present paper, Bruce was chairman of SNAME’s first ever ad hoc panel, on RO-RO Safety, that was created following the 1994 capsize and sinking of the Estonia with the loss of nearly 900 lives. Bruce has been chairman of the ISSC Environment Committee (2003-2006) and the ISSC Dynamic Response Committee (2009-2012). In 2008 he was the recipient of SNAME’s David W. Taylor medal.

Rick Ashcroft:
Living in Ann Arbor from 1971 - 1991, Rick attended the University of Michigan and has a BSE in naval architecture and marine engineering. For many of those years he managed the (then named) Ship Hydrodynamics Laboratory. In November of 1991, he moved to Escondido, CA to become Manager of the Hydrodynamics Group at Arctec Offshore. In 1993 he joined Scientific Marine Services, rising to vice president, and stayed with them until 2006. From 2006 until he retired in July 2018, he was a Principal Engineer in the Functional Engineering group at General Dynamics NASSCO. In 2018, SNAME created the position of Director, Technology and Education, which he currently fills part time in addition to volunteer responsibilities as Functional Vice President Technology, Chair the T&R Steering Committee, and Chair the Ad Hoc Panel AHP-22 Capsize Egress and Survivability. In the past, he has been Chair of the Southwest Section, Chair HS-12, Hull Instrumentation, and the Hull Structure Committee. He has authored more than 25 papers on instrumentation, physical modeling, and structural monitoring.

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