SNAME NY Met-Reducing Heat Exchanger Fouling and Metallic Corrosion with Vapor Infusion Technologies

When:  Sep 23, 2020 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (ET)
Associated with  New York Metropolitan Section

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September 2020 SNAME Meeting - Past Chair's Night

Michael Radicone
Developer of the vapor infusion method and president of I2 Air Fluid Innovation. Recipient or technical adviser of seven governmental studies with the US Navy, Undersea Warfare and USDA. Specialty product lead at HTRI, the world’s premier provider of predictive fouling software.


Heat exchangers are used onboard marine vessels for numerous applications; engine cooling, compressed air, HVAC and fresh water production.  As cooling water, seawater or fresh, enters the tubes or plates within the heat exchanger, biological fouling agents along with inorganic foulants such as mud or minerals attach or grow on these surfaces reducing water flow space or forming insulating layers. This will cause a loss in system function, demand excessive energy use and generate additional greenhouse gases.  The remedy is typically manual cleaning requiring time, labor and chemical cleaners which could lead to heat exchanger damage.

Vapor infusion is a protocol whereby bubbles containing various chemical treatments are injected into the heat exchanger flow stream.  These bubbles have unique qualities that allow them to dislodge and prevent the formation of fouling agents.  This will maintain heat exchanger function and reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical or chemical cleaning.  The method offers two other distinct benefits. Its periodic infusion greatly reduces the volume of chemical treatment presented and it occurs during heat exchanger function not requiring shutdown for implementation.  The technology may offer additional applications, non-heat exchanger associated.

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