Dr. James A. Lisnyk Student Ship Design Competition

The Lisnyk Student Ship Design Competition challenges groups of young people to design theoretical but practical cutting-edge vessels. Open to the world's colleges and universities supporting maritime careers, the program has fostered teamwork and learning through competition.

2016 Competition Rules and Requirements

Timeline for this year's competition:
Entry Applications and each team’s
Owner’s Requirements                            On or before March 1, 2016
Owner’s Requirements approval             Within three weeks of receipt by SNAME/ASNE
Designs Submitted                                  On or before June 12, 2016
Awards Announced                                 September 2016
Awards Presented                                   At the SNAME Annual Meeting in Bellevue, Washington, November 2015

            Each team will propose their original Owner’s Requirements.  Please note that each team’s Owner’s Requirements must be submitted with their application for approval by the Lisnyk Design Competition sub-committee. A sample Owner’s Requirements from the 1999-2000 competition is also enclosed for guidance.  For further information in this regard, please see the Contest Rules included with this letter.

            A school may enter more than one design team.  Also designs submitted to other SNAME sponsored design competitions may also be submitted for the Lisnyk Design Competition; however, please review the rules and scoring criteria of each contest to ensure compliance for each one entered.  The signature of the faculty advisor must accompany all student design entries, and all students on each design team must be members of either SNAME or ASNE.

                        It is also important to note that all members of teams entering the competition must be classified as undergraduates, and if working towards a combined bachelor and master of science degrees, they must be in what is considered to be the undergraduate portion of their curriculum, usually defined as the first four years of their course of study.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding eligibility.

            Please ensure that the students entering the competition thoroughly read and understand the rules and review the applicable score sheet.  Many teams lose points because they did not follow the rules or address all design elements contained in the score sheets. This includes the requirement that the final reports include the signatures of the team members.