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The following articles were published recently in (mt)a quarterly magazine published by SNAME. The editorial board of (mt) consists of SNAME members who are the top professionals in their fields. In (mt), they and their colleagues bring to the reader cutting edge information and research developments from all aspects of the maritime industry. The articles posted below represent a sample of the content published in (mt) and are available free for reading and downloading.To subscribe to (mt) in both print and digital formats, click here(mt) is received free by all SNAME members. To learn about other member benefits, or to join SNAME, click here.












Innovating the Ferry                          

There's a lot more to it than just faster and cheaper                                   

Skimming the Surface
Bringing the wing-in-ground-effect 
concept to fast ferry design 

lectric Future 
How renewable energy technologies are impacting 
the ferry sector

Noisy Propulsion

Controlling vibration and noise above and below the waterline 


A New Era in Green Ship Technology
Exploring low-speed, dual-fuel propulsion on the world’s first LNG powered containerships



Optimizing Propeller and Propulsion
The quest for reduced fuel consumption, emissions, and noise levels


Arctic R&D in Newfoundland
Harsh-environment research is pushing back the limits of the arctic frontier


 Recapitalizing the Fleet

Canada’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy and what it means for the future of the country's marine industry


 Effective Optimization

How numerical optimization tools enable improved design performance



Design for (fill in the blank)

Optimizing design processes to drive down total ownership cost



Embracing Change

Reducing cost and maximizing mission effectiveness with the flexible warship

Mooring in Deep Water

Reliability, safety, cost, and environmental factors

all affect how an FPU is connected to the seabed

Putting Deep Water Safety to the Test

 Anticipating and testing for extreme and accidental events

Designing the Next Drill Ship

How Keppel sees exploration, development,

and completions in ultra deep water

RoPax Evolution

How market demand and infrastructure constraints have driven
the design of Meditereanean-based ferries

Short Sea: An Operator's View

Navigating regulatory, costs, and environmental issues in the
Mediterranean car transport sector

The LNG Option

Technical and Operational Consideration for the use of LNG fuel
for the Greek passenger fleet

High Performance in Education
How the maritime setting enables higher levels of training and learning