Member Recruit a Member


The benefits of membership in SNAME deserve to be shared!  SNAME's best recruiter is a satisfied member.   Spread the benefits of membership by encouraging your professional peers and colleagues to join.  Many SNAME members mentor junior colleagues or work closely with peers in another firm who are not members of the Society.  Bring them aboard! 

SNAME makes it easy, and rewarding, to recommend others for membership in the Society.   SNAME's Member Recruit a Member program gives members more incentive than ever to expand the Society.  Members named as a referal on membership applications receive substantial benefits, recognition, and a special gift.  The members recruited by members also receive additional benefits. 

To receive recruiting rewards, new members must mention the recruiting member's name in the "recruited by" field at the bottom of the member application. Encourage your contacts to apply by sending them an email with an online application, or by printing out the application for distribution. Feel free to pre-fill your name in the "recruited-by" field for the applications you distribute.

Include the application link in your email messages to potential new members and print the application as necessary.

For more information feel free to contact any of our SNAME Member Services Staff at 703-997-6701 for further assistance. .