John Richards

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Core competencies include:
1. Management Team and Executive Team Participation and Development
2. Sales / Mktg; Development, Definition and Expansion; Serving the following industries: Maritime; Industrial; Architectural;
3. Projects and Process Development and Mgmt; Team Bldg;
4. Turn-Around and Business Strategies;
5. Product & Project Strategies and Realization Mgmt
6. Design; Engineering; Pre-Sales; conceptualization;
7. Capitalization; Financial Oversight; P/L Responsibilities;
Each path, individual or collective, is actively transversed with the goals of A) creating value and equity for teams, clients and stakeholders, as well as B) providing meaningful systems, products and services. This is achieved by having perspective and knowledge that inform and provoke development, evaluation and implementation of innovation, accountability and resolution for all stakeholders.

Diverse projects across the US, in Mexico, Costa Rica, South America and vessels in all oceans of the world.

This productive seasoned administrator offers:
1. Hands On collaborative teamworking
2. An integrated network of work processes;
3. Understanding that spans multiple disciplines, industries and markets;
4. Leverage of unique and collaborative perspectives;
5. Advanced skill sets approaching current and innovation challenges with a broad variety of processes, tools and understandings;
6. "Obstacle Dissolution" to help clear organizational, technological and market obstacles that stand between great ideas and realization.

Specializing In: Problem Solving across multiple layers in varied systems; Entrepreneurship; Commercialization; Manufacturing; Business Development - Pre-Sales, Design, Development and Economic Development; Expansion/Turn-Around and Anticipatory Resolution of largely Unforeseen Challenges.

Languages: English (American dialect) native speaker, Spanish (fluent), German (limited proficiency)

Industry Sector

  • Commercial
  • Container Ship
  • Cruise
  • Ferries
  • LNG
  • Offshore
  • Ro-Ro
  • Shipbuilding,
  • Tanker
  • Working Vessels
  • New Builds and Retrofits