While not strictly a lifecycle component, many of our members start as students in one of the many disciplines that form the basis of the maritime and offshore industries. Some become students later in their careers. No matter which, students are an important focus for SNAME and as such are called out specifically as a Face of SNAME.


Student Papers

Our Technical Library contains thousands of papers of interest to Students. Below is a sample of papers that are available for access to members by using a free download or to non-members for purchase.

The Art of Talking About Science, BRAGG, 1967

Author(s): Bragg L Published: 6/30/1967 

I propose to analyze “Talking About Science.”. How is it best done? Why is it that a subject presented by A is a thrilling account which leaves a deep impression, whereas the very same material presented by B is dull and boring and produces no impression whatever? How should we present our branch of science to fellow scientists who work in quite another field? How can we present science to those who have little or no scientific background, as is often the case with men of high ability who are important in affairs of state? How can we make the nonscientist understand why the study of science means so much to us, a passion they sometimes find very difficult to under-stand? The gap between C.P. Snow`s two cultures in not so much due to a lack of understanding as to a lack of desire to understand. There are philistines as regards science as well as regards the arts....

Guide For Conducting Technical Studies, Doerry, 2014 

Author(s): Norbert Doerry Published: 8/5/2014 

This guide decomposes the technical study process in to two stages: Work definition and Work Execution. Work Definition is composed of customer tasking, prior work evaluation study guide preparation, work tasking. The study guide preparation activities focus on understanding the problem and restating the customer`s tasking in a manner that can be demonstrably answered by the technical study. The work planning and work tasking activities translate the study guide into specific work assignments for the different members of the study team…

The Blockage Coefficient for Flow About an Arbitrary Body Immersed in a Channel, TAYLOR, 1973

Author(s): Taylor P Published: 5/31/1973 

Consider a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate scheme 0xy, and a channel bounded by the walls y = 0 and y = -h.  Assume that there is a continuous body (representing a ship cross section) immersed in the channel of form y = Y(x), as in Fig. 1, such that the flow in the channel can only pass underneath the body. Without the presence of the body, the complex potential for the flow in the channel could have been expressed in the form φ = V( x +C0 ) say, where C0  is constant throughout the channel. When the body is immersed, the flow is locally affected, but in the limits  x ~ ± ∞ the flow retains its channel characteristics….

Bringing Science and Technology to the Waterfront – Donald L. Blount, SCHLEICHER, 2012

Author(s): SCHLEICHER Published: 12/31/2011 

Donald Blount is recognized around the world for his contributions to high-speed marine vehicles of various types for more than 50 years. A highlight of his career has been the revolutionary high-speed craft, DESTRIERO, which holds the combined east- and west-bound Atlantic crossing elapsed time record and the fastest east-bound crossing record for which its development history has been presented in numerous forums. An in-depth look at his career beyond this singular achievement will be shared in honor of his numerous contributions to the marine industry during his lifetime of bringing science and technology to the waterfront…