Greek Section - OCIMF SIRE & TMSA … Hectic Processes or Challenges

When:  Jun 9, 2020 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (AT)
Associated with  Greek Section

OCIMF SIRE & TMSA … Hectic Processes or Challenges, in Order Management Systems and Fleet Performance to be Improved?

Since OCIMF SIRE & TMSA programs’ creation, was to specifically address concerns about sub-standard shipping, they reasonably were and still are top issues for those involved with Tanker industry. Therefore, a brief historical review of how OCIMF SIRE-INSPECTIONS & TMSA came into the life of Shipping industry and how they have been developed until today, will be deliberated.
Also, the Compliance at OCIMF, along with the program’s goals and objectives and OCIMF role in Programs overseen, performance monitoring, inspectors’ evaluations etc. will be described.
Following the above, statistics and areas of concern and faced challenges of nowadays will be analyzed accordingly. The most recent due to Covid-19 faced restrictions along with the OCIMF recommendations and Oil Majors handling will be also discussed.
In the last part of the presentation, tips for a successful vessel’s preparation in order a Sire inspection to be performed and Company’s preparation for a TMSA audit or Management review will be offered.

Speaker Name & Bio
Captain Dimitris Kokkinis, KMK Marine Executive Consultant and Co-founder
A 57 years old Master Mariner, with almost 40 years of service in shipping industry. In 2020, the net experience is equally shared between Sea and Shore, i.e. seventeen years of net sea service, nine of which as Master on board tanker vessels, mainly on T/C to Oil Majors and another seventeen years, with the last fifteen at management and top management positions like HSQE Manager, DPA/CSO and Deputy General Manager or Deputy CEO. Since 2017, in addition to the Deputy CEO position of a reputable shipping company, got engaged with the KMK Marine Consultants, as Co-founder & Executive Consultant.


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