My name is Eric Thomas and I am the president of the Society of Ocean Engineers at Florida Tech. I am from Templeton, Massachusetts and majoring in ocean engineering. I am interested in SNAME and MTS because it provides a great opportunity to network with professionals and to learn what professionals say about the industry. As president of the Society of Ocean Engineers I am responsible for making sure all our members stay up to date on our events, making sure the organization is in good standing, and communicating with professional members of SNAME and MTS. I currently work for Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA) as an engineering intern. I assist the engineers in creating chemical sets for testing water quality, manufacturing parts for repairing and maintaining deployed devices, and deploying devices to track real time data from the Indian River Lagoon. After graduation I would like to work as either a naval architect or work in renewable energy in the ocean. Since joining MTS and SNAME I have made connections with professionals and learned a lot more about the industry so I would recommend to everyone to get involved!