Hello!  I’m Sean Marcus, the current Treasurer of the Society of Ocean Engineers.  As you may have guessed, I’m an Ocean Engineering major, with a possible minor in Oceanography somewhere in the near future.  I chose this major because I’ve always loved (and still love) touring retired navy ships, especially the submarines; the California coast (about 30 minutes from my hometown) has several maritime museums, my favorite being the one in San Diego which hosts the USS Dolphin.  As such, my dream job after college would ideally be working with a defense contractor like General Dynamics Electric Boat, or at one of the Naval Undersea Warfare Centers. In terms of my position in this club, it’s pretty self-explanatory: I keep track of the club’s budget and handle official purchases, expense reimbursement, and club funding.  In general, I love SOE and organizations like SNAME and MTS because they’ve given me so much guidance in terms of career and internship opportunities, ways to connect with other ocean engineers, and an overall feeling of being more involved in this field. If you have not, I highly encourage you to sign up for any and all of these groups, especially if you like to be updated about awesome career paths and events.