11th International Conference - ICETECH 2014

11th International Conference - ICETECH 2014

ICETECH 14, the 11th International Conference and Exhibition on Ships and Structures in Ice, organized by the Arctic Section of SNAME, was held at the Banff Conference Centre in Alberta in July.

 The theme and subject areas of the conference complement the growing interest in Arctic shipping and in oil, gas and mineral exploration and production in Arctic offshore regions. This year the Conference drew attention to the importance of climate change on Arctic operations.

 Three papers are selected as featured papers:

 “The Design and Operational Implications of the IMO Polar Code,” Andrew Kendrick

 “A Risk-based Evaluation Ice-strengthened Hull Structures,” Pentti Kujala and Sören Ehlers

 “An Ice Failure Explanation of Dynamic Ice Loading Events of Molikpaq,” Qu Yan

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