WEBINAR - Methanol as Marine Fuel

When:  May 29, 2019 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM (GR)
Join via webinar the Greek Commercial & Technical Seminar on Methanol as Marine Fuel to learn:

  • Why Methanol? 
  • What are the technological and operational challenges posed by use of methanol as marine fuel? 
  • What is the availability of methanol globally as marine fuel? 
  • Where does the IMO stand on drafting of regulations for use of methanol as marine fuel? 
  • A price comparison with LNG, MGO/MDO, IFO and industrial methanol. What is the cost differential between high grade MEOH and industrial/Marine fuel grade? 
  • Conversion or newbuild?
  • How is lube choice affected by use of methanol?
  • How are the engine builders' designs and plans affected by the cap?




Piraeus Marine Club
Piraeus Greece