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  • Eastern Canadian - Webinar Presentation

    Oct 6, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (ET)
    An Operators Perspective on the Role of Autonomous Technology in our Domestic Trade Today Advances in technology have removed most technical barriers to autonomous control of vehicles, however, many regulatory and practical barriers remain. It is not practical for us to expect to get to autonomous operation in one step. Our domestic fleet are in and out of port frequently and carry a variety of cargo. Regulations have increased the amount of administration and management required. Our goal is to empower crew with information to minimize costs and best serve our customers. At Algoma we are developing technology that can support autonomous navigation, but also offers immediate benefits: navigational assistance, training, performance optimization and condition based maintenance. This approach allows us to benefit from investment, address regulatory requirements incrementally, and gives us more confidence in the system as a whole.  Speaker Name and Bio Dave Belisle , Manager Vessel Performance – Algoma Central Corporation Dave holds master’s degrees in Naval Architecture and Business Administration, and a Diploma in Ship Superintendency. He has been with Algoma for 10 years, starting on the Equinox Class Design Team for the concept phase, transitioning to operations by managing retired vessels, responding to incidents, and supporting an operations manager. He managed 5 domestic vessels for 5 years and then moved to Algomas Vessel Performance Group where he supported reliability & continuous improvement initiatives and championed fuel monitoring and performance analysis. Prior to joining Algoma, Dave was a Management & Technical Consultant with Det Norske Veritas’ Maritime Solutions Group working on projects ranging from Energy Management, to Safety Culture Improvement and Formal Risk Assessments and qualified as a Newbuilding Surveyor in Korea and Vietnam. RSVP only.  No cost to attend.