Professional Engineer Exam Contribution

SNAME is dedicated to the professional development of its members. SNAME's Professional Engineer Review Course (PERC) supports members and nonmembers who seek the industry's benchmark designation. PERC enjoys a tremendous record of success.  Participants enjoy a 98% graduation rate on the Professional Engineer Exam. 

Your one-time or annual contribution to support the development and promotion of the PERC Professional Engineer Review Course will directly impact the career of many society members.

Give now, or contact Dr. Walter Maclean at for more information.   

Technical & Research Fund Contribution


The support and promotion of world class technical information and research are central to the mission and standing of SNAME. 

Member contributions to the T&R program support all levels of research, from small research projects to large multi-university and inter-governmental efforts.  Because they serve as seed money or are matched by other contributions, gifts in support of SNAME's T&R program are, dollar for dollar, among the most influential gifts the Society receives.

Give now or contact Professor Alan Rowen for more information at or 201.499.5062. 

Student Development Fund

SNAME Student Section Leaders at the
annual Saddlebrook Meetings

Students are the future of our industry and the future of SNAME.   Recognizing this, the Society has commited to fund, support, and organize "student sections" at 27 leading colleges and universities with maritime majors.  Through its student sections, SNAME coordinates students with faculty advisors and provides leadership development.  The results are impressive: mentoring,  competitions, papers, and Societal participation that set the stage for career success and a lifetime of involvments in SNAME.  

Your contribution to this fund ensures that we will have the resources available to support these activities and develop our youngest members into the leaders tomorrow.

Give now or contact Barbara Trentham at or 201.655.5062. 

General Fund

Contributions to the General Fund help defray operating expenses and fund special projects and unforseen needs that may arise during the year. 

Give now or contact Barbara Trentham at or 201.499.5062 for more information.