Give to Support SNAME

Members and friends of SNAME are encouraged to support the Society and its work.  As a nonprofit organization, SNAME is registered as a 501(c)3 organization.  All contributions to the Society are fully tax-deductible.  

Gifts to Support the Work of SNAME


Your one-time-gift to the Society can be dedicated to SNAME's general fund, or may be designated to a specific project you wish to support.  Bequests to SNAME through estate planning and gifts in honor or memory of individuals are appropriately coordinated by SNAME staff.  Several programs have established funds ready for your online contribution, and gifts of any amount are gratefully accepted.

An organization or individual can also sponsor an event, item, or presentation at SNAME’s Annual Meeting.  SNAME will be pleased to ensure proper recognition for sponsorship.

See the contributions page for general giving options, or the estate planning page to learn more about including SNAME in your will. 

Gifts to Support Scholarships


Doug Smith, Memorial University of NFD
2009 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient

SNAME members and friends have made hundreds of individual contributions to Society to support the education of young people.  With their support, thousands of undergraduate and graduate students have received scholarships. 

SNAME is committed to significantly increase its support for undergraduate and graduate scholarships and encourages its members to make annual contributions in support of the Scholarship Program.  SNAME has committed $1,000,000 to match contributions that fund both graduate and undergraduate scholarships in 2009.

See the scholarship giving page to identify the right scholarship for your generous gift or to consider endowing a new scholarship. Contact Barbara Trentham at or 201.499.5055 for more information.

Gifts to Support Youth Education

SeaPerch, SNAME’s youth outreach program, informs and inspires the next generation of naval architects and maritime professionals.  Through hands-on learning and the thrill of competition, SeaPerch introduces young people to boat building and, possibly, a future career. 

Your contribution will help expand the program to more schools and increase the awareness of careers in our industry to middle and high school students.

Visit SeaPerch online for program information.  For sponsorship information contact Susan Nelson at or 412.400.2582.