Programs & Resources

SNAME provides resources and support to all those interested in naval architecture and marine enginneering - whether they be professionals in the field, students in the classroom, journalists on deadline, or just curious visitors to this site. 

Higher Education 

SNAME supports education and professional development at all levels, with an emphais on assisting those who are committing themselves to a career in the industry. 

Financial Support
Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students of naval architecture and marine engineering sciences. 

Organization & Mentoring
SNAME Student Sections bring the future leaders of the industry together to share experiences and interact with those whose legacy they will build upon. 


  In these economic times, full employment for all marine engineering professionals is an important goal. SNAME's career resources helpmatch members,prospective members, and compaines match the right jobs with the right people.

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Professional Certification


SNAME's Professional Engineer Review Course (PERC) supports those naval architects and marine engineers who are preparing to take the Professional Engineer Examination in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.  

Those who have completed the PERC course boast a 98% success rate on the PE exam.  The course is given by 10 instructors during the period from January through March, with a sample examination. This leaves two to three weeks for the students to complete their preparations before the April examination date. Early registration is also available for those that wish to start early so as to extend their study time.



wiki-glossary of terminology for the fields of marine engineering and naval architecture is available online. 

Maritime Links

External websites with content of relevance to SNAME and its members have been compiled.