Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to participate?

Nothing!  The competition is free to enter.

ust I be local to participate?

No; however, the race for the finalists takes place in Newport News, Virginia.  If you are not local:

  • Consider participating in the race and discover all that Hampton Roads has to offer.
  • Allow our third-party members to race your boat.
  • Let us know beforehand that you wish not to have your boat built, but would still like to compete during the design phase.  We will score your design and provide feedback.  You may be announced as a special finalist!

hen was the competition created?

The first competition took place in 2008 and has been continuing annually.

Who is eligible to enter?

Any team composed of high school students.

What do I win?

The coveted Rock Trophy is loaned to the winning team for the year.  You may also place as one of four finalists or be presented a superlative award.  Plus you get to keep your boat!

Do I have to use Autodesk Inventor/AutoCAD?

No; as long as we can view your files in Inventor/AutoCAD.  We encourage the use of Inventor/AutoCAD because they are free to students, commonly used (therefore help is plentiful), and what we know best.

What if I don't know anything about naval architecture?

Then this is the perfect opportunity to learn!  Most high school students do not take classes in naval architecture, which is why this competition exists.  Hopefully you will find our mentors, glossary, and tutorial videos helpful.