SEAPerch is an outreach initiative, established in 2003 by MIT through ONR funding, to promote interest in science to high school and middle school students. The initiative was further promoted when ONR tasked SNAME to help develop ways to expand and enhance the promotion as part of ONR's National Naval Responsibility for Naval Engineering Outreach effort. 

SEAPerch is a community effort; teachers and school districts work together to produce an effective cirriculum to teach participating students the knowledge needed to successfully participate in the SEAPerch challenge, while industry and academic volunteers from mainly science backgrounds come together to help at local events. 

The SEAPerch initiative has expanded to roughly 107 schools nationwide. The Virginia competition is hosted by the Prince William County School District and led by Gail Drake. Traditionally, the annual competition is held in early Spring but this year the competition is being held on Dec 21-22, 2009. The online volunteer sign-up form is here.