2015 Chairman’s Message


The 2015-2016 SNAME year has gotten off to a great start, and we are well on our way to another successful year.  Chesapeake Section is doing great things in 2015, and I hope you are taking full advantage of all that SNAME has to offer:

  • Excellent technical meetings on a regular basis
  • An exciting Young Professionals group that meets regularly for social, educational, and volunteer activities
  • Timely information regarding SNAME and other events of interest
  • Opportunities to address interesting technical topics as part of Panels or Committees in your area of expertise
  • Access to data and resources via SNAME’s new website, and more!

As the year progresses you will see us experiment with different meeting locations in a continuing effort to provide value to our members.  Prices are going up at our current venues and we are looking for more fiscally sensible solutions.  Your suggestions are always welcome, and we appreciate your feedback when we try somewhere new.  Please send ideas to Mr. Andy Lachtman, along with your thanks for his hard work as Meetings Chair.  Please send presentation topic ideas to Mr. Ted Dickenson and thank him for his support as Technical Program Chair.  


If you would like to volunteer, contact me or an Executive Committee member.  We are happy to help you find your niche at SNAME – whether here at the Chesapeake Section or beyond. 


Whether you are a member of the Executive Committee, participate in a Panel or Committee, plan or attend symposia and conferences, attend local meetings, or participate in other ways, your efforts are what makes SNAME a success.  Thank you.  And at whatever level you participate, I urge you to try something new and see how SNAME can benefit you and how you can contribute to the SNAME community.  


If you or your organization would like to support the Chesapeake Section, our Young Professionals, and our Student Sections with a financial gift, please contact me at your convenience.  SNAME is a 501(c)3 organization which allows your donations to be tax free. 






Sarah E. Wickenheiser

SNAME Chesapeake Section Chair, '15-‘16