2013-2014 Committee

The Executive Committee, under the leadership of the Section Chair, establishes the general policy of the Section and is responsible for and directs the technical meetings and other Section Activities. The Executive Committee shall ensure that necessary information is provided to Society Headquarters in a timely manner; e.g., election of officers and their contact information, Section and Student Section activities, recommendations for awards and nominations, audits, etc. Composition of the Committee is determined by the Section Bylaws. Committee Membership is an excellent way to utilize members’ talents and to maintain the interest of prospective officers. It is recommended that the terms of office be staggered such that the turnover among members is spread out as much as possible to maintain continuity between successive administrations.


Mr. Bill Peters
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After earning a BS degree at Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, Mr. Bill Peters became engaged in commercial ship design of containerships, bulk carriers, tankers, yachts, mutli-purpose cargo ships, barges, casualty analysis, and other transportation consulting for 20 years before joining the U.S. Coast Guard's Office of Design and Engineering Standards in Washington DC.

Mr. Peters has been a member of SNAME since 1978 and served as the Chesapeake Section's treasurer from 2008 - 2012.

Vice Chair:

Ms. Jennifer Lin
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Ms. Jennifer Lin is a graduate of Virginia Tech, completing a B.S. in Aerospace and Ocean Engineering in 2003 and a M.S. in Ocean Engineering in 2005. Ms. Lin gained experience with Navy acquisition, project management support and ship design at CSC Advanced Marine Center until 2009, primarily focusing on amphibious ships and early stage concept design exploration. At the end of 2009, Ms. Lin transitioned to NAVSEA as a Project Naval Architect. The first two years were primarily spent as a Deputy and Assistant Project Manager for two R&D projects in the Chief Technology Office (SEA 05T).  As the technical manager, she was responsible for over three dozen studies.

Currently Ms. Lin is the Principal Naval Architect for the LX(R) study team and is a member of the NATO MCG-6 Total Ship Systems Engineering working group and the Unmanned Systems Technology Integration working group. Ms. Lin is an active young professional member of the ASNE Flagship Section and the SNAME Chesapeake Section, and continues to serve as the President of the Taiwanese American Professionals - DC Chapter.  Past SNAME Chesapeake Section Executive board positions held include Meetings Chair (2009-2012), Webmaster (2009-2013), and Young Professionals Chair (2008-2009).


Mrs. Sarah Wickenheiser
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Mrs. Sarah Wickenheiser is a junior naval architect and marine engineer at BMT Designers & Planners in Arlington, Virginia. Since August 2008, she has worked on various engineering projects including structural analyses, carbon footprint calculations, and high speed craft rule comparison for the United States Coast Guard and commercial clients. Sarah graduated from Webb Institute in 2008 with a bachelors of science in naval architecture and marine engineering. She spent he winter work terms as a shipfitter at Derektor Shipyards in Bridgeport, CT; a deck and engine cadet on the Horizon Discovery sailing between Jacksonville, FL, and San Juan, PR; and as an engineering intern at Tritec Marine Consultants in Glasgow, Scotland, and The Glosten Associates in Seattle, WA.  

Mrs. Wickenheiser has been serving as the Chesapeake Section's interim treasurer since 2010.


Mr. Benjamin Testerman
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Mr. Benjamin Testerman is a Naval Architect in the Ship Systems Integration and Design Department of NSWC Carderock in West Bethesda, MD. Through the Scientist and Engineer Development Program at Carderock, he has been involved in a variety of projects related to early stage ship design as well as energy conservation in the existing auxiliary fleet. Mr. Testerman graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2009 with a Bachelors of Engineering and a concentration of Naval Engineering. As part of his undergraduate studies at Stevens, Mr. Testerman spent a year abroad studying Naval Architecture at University College London. Through the co-op program at Stevens, he was afforded the opportunities to work in the engineering department of Derecktor Shipyards, the hydrodynamics group of CSC Advanced Marine, and the Center for Innovation in Ship Design at NSWC Carderock.

Mr. Testerman served as the Chesapeake Section Young Professionals Chair in the 2011 - 2012 term.
Elected Member (2014):

Mr. John Gallagher

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Mr. John Gallagher currently serves as the Managing Director of the Washington DC office of MTU Detroit Diesel Inc. MTU Detroit Diesel is one of the world’s leading builders of high speed diesel engines.  Previously, Mr Gallagher was the President of Northeast Ship Repair LLC, overseeing operations of two ship repair facilities in Boston and Philadelphia.

During his career Mr Gallagher has spent over 22 years in shipbuilding, both in design and operations management. He has served as VP Operations, Chief Naval Architect and Chief of Engineering at three shipyards, working on vessel types ranging from 55' high speed patrol boats to 300,000 DWT tankers.  He has both contract and detail design experience for Navy, USCG and commercial vessels, as well as design of hoisting and mechanical handling systems.

Mr. Gallagher also spent 15 years managing naval engineering consulting companies or directing the operations for groups of such companies both in the US and abroad.  These companies performed work for a mix of government and commercial clients, including the US DoD and UK MoD. 

Mr. Gallagher is a graduate of Webb Institute with a BSc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Elected Member (2015):

Mr. Jonathan Kaskin

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Mr. Jonathan Kaskin assumed the duties of Director, Strategic Mobility and Combat Logistics Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (N-42) in 2000. Mr. Kaskin earned his first M.S. in Engineering from Harvard University, Division of Applied Science, in 1977, and in 1979 he received a second M.S. in Shipping and Shipbuilding Management as well as and a professional degree of Ocean Engineer from the MIT Department of Ocean Engineering.

Following his studies, Mr. Kaskin was employed as an Operations Research Analyst at the Military Sealift Command Headquarters in the Office of the Assistant for Special Programs from 1979 to 1982. He served as the Executive Assistant to the Vice Commander, Military Sealift Command from 1982 to 1987. Between 1987 and 2000, Mr. Kaskin served as the Director, Strategic Sealift Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, the Director, Logistics Plans and Policy/Strategic Sealift Program Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, and as the Director, Operational Logistics and Strategic Mobility Division.

Mr. Kaskin is a Member of the National Defense Transportation Association, Transportation Research Board, Propeller Club of the United States, SNAME, ASNE, Naval Reserve Association, U.S. Naval Institute and the Navy League.

Elected Member (2016):

Mr. Christopher Bassler
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Mr. Chris Bassler is a Naval Architect in the Future Ship Concepts Branch of the Naval Architecture and Engineering Department at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division (NSWCCD). From 2006-2012, he worked as a researcher in the Hydromechanics Department,
leading projects on topics related to ship dynamics & seaway mobility performance, ship operations, ship design, nonlinear dynamics and fluid mechanics.

Mr. Bassler is the U.S. Delegate to the NATO Ship Design Capability Group Specialist Team on Seaway Mobility, and serves as the liaison to NATO Science and Technology Organization Advanced Vehicle Technology Panels. He has also served as a technical advisor to the U.S. delegation to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), for the development of new generation intact stability criteria. Mr. Bassler received the 2009 ASNE Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer Award.

Mr. Bassler has been a SNAME member since 2001 and currently serves as the Chair, of the SNAME Hydrodynamics Committee, and member of the SNAME Technical & Research (T&R) Steering Committee, SNAME Executive Council, and SNAME-ASNE Ship Design Committee. He has previously served as Chair of the SNAME T&R Dynamic Stability Task Group, and also Meetings Chair (2006-2007) and Publicity Chair (2007-2009) of the SNAME Chesapeake Section. Mr. Bassler is a member of ASNE, the U.S. Naval Institute, and the National Eagle Scout Association.

He has bachelor degrees in Ocean and Aerospace Engineering, an M.S. in Ocean Engineering, and is currently completing his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech.

Appointed Committee Members  

Audit Chair Mr. Robert J. vom Saal 
Awards Chair OPEN
Education Chair Mr. William Garzke
Historian Mr. Alex Landsburg
Librarian Mr. Jay Howell
Meetings Chair Mr. Ted Dickenson
Past Chair/Membership Mr. Paul Cojeen
Past Chair/Nominating Mrs. Jackie DeSpirito
Past Chair/Strategic Mr. David A. Helgerson
Past Chair Mr. Dan Eling
Photographer Mr. Jaideep Sirkar
Publicity Chair Mr. Peter McCauley
T&R Liaison Mr. Nathan Carlos
**Technical Program Chair Mr. Jonathan Slutsky
USNA Student Chair Ms. Andrea Stooksbury
USNA Student Vice Chair Mr. Bret Anstett 
Virginia Tech Student Chair Mr. Matt Meyers
Virginia Tech Student Vice Chair Mr. Jeff Ward
Young Professionals Chair Mr. Nathan Hagan
Webmaster Ms. Samantha Lee

**Looking to rotate in 2013 and 2014