CMA-SNAME Club Membership ($5.00 Annual Fee) 

To be a member of the CMA-SNAME Student Section, you will have to give CMA-SNAME's Financial Officer $5.00. This fee is a requirement from the ASCMA (Cal Maritime Student Government). This club fee will cover transportation and meals to our monthly off-campus industry presentation meetings.

SNAME Student Membership ($35.00 Annual Fee)

Follow the link in the upper-left hand corner (Membership Application):
Fill out this form. Provide your campus address (you will have to update your address each time you move). Under "Name of Professor" please type: "Michael Kazek". The application will ask for a credit card (this is where you pay the $35 Student Membership fee).

Once your application is submitted, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and within a week a SNAME literature packet will be mailed to you  with your SNAME ID Card (to the address that you typed on the application).

Once your application is approved and confirmed by e-mail, CMA-SNAME Executive Committee will also receive your membership confirmation. At that point, you officially become a SNAME member.

If you have any more questions about this process, do not hesitate to e-mail/text/call any Officer on the CMA-SNAME Executive Committee.

Also, feel free to explore the SNAME website at and our own Student Section website.

Faculty/Staff Membership ($175.00 Annual Fee)

Faculty, staff, and our community partners are welcome in becoming members of CMA-SNAME and SNAME. Follow the link in the upper-left hand corner (Faculty/Staff Membership Application): to become official member of SNAME.
As a CMA's Faculty/Staff, you are exempt from the $5.00 CMA-SNAME Membership fee.