Past Events

CMA-SNAME Meeting Minutes

Every month CMA-SNAME holds a student meeting for it's Associated Student club (ASCMA) and Student Section members. During these meetings, the Student Section conducts club business and passes down SNAME related information for members. Read more.

April, 2014

We hosted our annual SeaPerch competition at Cal Maritime's new aquatic center pool. students from local middle and high schools build aquatic submersable robots and completed the obstacle courses and challenges our SNAME section set up. We also worked with the students helping them build the robots. 





October, 2014

Cal Maritime's student section sent 10 student members to the SNAME Maritime Conference in Houston, TX. We had a wonderful time learning about up and coming technology, and the marine engineering and naval architecture industry. 

October, 2013

On Thursday, October 17, 2013, SNAME's Northern California Section met with the Society of Port Engineers as a joint monthly meeting. The presentation was help at Spengers Restaurant in Berkeley, CA and led by Brian Peterson. Brian discussed the competition of one of the greatest public works project of our time, the San Francisco Bay Bridge. This was the last presentation on the Bay Bridge as the Society of Port Engineers has an annual update. 

September, 2013

This month's Northern California SNAME meeting was given by Mr. Richard Jenkins at the Pasta Pelican in Alameda, California on September 11, 2013. This presentation was on the Greenbird, the world's fastest wind powered vehicle. After 10 years of hard work, Mr. Jenkins finally broke the record after going through five different vehicles and traveling to three continents. His presentation discussed his remarkable journey and all the technology that led to this achievement. The presentation concluded with him explaining how this technology is now being used on unmanned sailboats for ocean research. 

April, 2013

On April 10, 2013, a presentation was given on The Response and Lessons Learned From the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill by Mr. Bill Tageson. This meeting took place at the Spice Monkey Restaurant in Oakland, California. While Mr. Tageson was deployed in the Gulf Coast, he surveyed the area to form strategies to deploy federal recovery equipment. This knowledge allowed him to become an expert advisor to British Petroleum during their response to the oil spill. This experience and insight of his was discussed during this meeting.

February, 2013

On Wednesday, February 13, 2013, we held our annual student paper night here on campus. Jessica Raptis, Andrew Autore, Kristine Spadoni, Dan Posey, and Blake Van Gundy presented their CMA mechanical engineering senior project. These students designed a remotely controlled salinity testing platform for their capstone project. As a CMA cadet enrolled in the Marine Biology Minor, salinity samples need to be taken from the nearby San Francisco Bay. Rather than getting in a boat to obtain the sample and transporting it to a lab, these students are offering, and designing, an alternative: a small catamaran platform, equipped with salinity sensors, GPS capability and communication means. It will have an endurance of 25 minutes and students will be able to control it from shore using software.

On February 27, 2013, a presentation on Icebreakers in the Oil Patch was led by Peter Noble at Commodore Cruises in Alameda, California. His presentation described the use of ice breaking ships in the support of the oil industry in the Arctic over the past 40 years. Since the SS Manhattan first sailed through the Northwest passage in 1969 to now when purpose built ice breaking ships are supporting both oil exploration and production activities in the Arctic.

January, 2013

For this month's SNAME offsite meeting, a presentation was given on Francois Leroy's Wave Glider on January 9, 2013 at Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley. Mr. Leroy discussed the applications of the unmanned surface vehicle (USV) Wave Glider and its wave-energy harnessing technology. The wave glider has the ability to offer air-to-water interface providing innovative data collection that could be used to support climate studies, meteorological models, and hurricane hunting.

December, 2012

On Wednesday, December 12, 2012, our student SNAME section traveled to Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley, California to attend a presentation on Marine Innovation and Technology's Windfloat Project. This presentation was led by Alexia Aubault as she discussed the 2MW wind turbine and floating foundation her company invented, which is now installed off the North coast of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean. The Windfloat will be closely monitored in the next two years as it is connected to the Portuguese electrical grid. Plans for additional units are already taking places, even as close at Coos Bay, Oregon. 

November, 2012

As the future of our industry enters a defining era, America's Marine Highways plays a pivotal role. Our section attended a presentation on this topic presented by Eugene Van Rynbach of Herbert Engineering and Dr. Matthew Tedesco of Tech & Management Consultants. The presentation encompassed the past, present and future of the marine highways. Some details such as possible routes, congestion & traffic, cost and emissions were discussed. Read More.

October, 2012

Our section participated in an in depth presentation of the lengthening of the luxury yacht "SuRi". The location was the Waterfront Hotel in Oakland, near Jack London Square. The presenter was Joel Welter, the chief naval architect of Bay Ship & Yacht who conducted the 35' lengthening procedure. After the re-launch, the SuRi's length was brought up to 63m. Read More

September, 2012

Following up on last year's America's Cup offsite on the Jeremiah O'Brien; this time around we went to Oracle Team USA America's Cup Facility in San Francisco. During our visit, we reviewed the history of the America's Cup as well as looking towards the future; the AC45 and AC72. While the majority of their construction and design was done overseas, they were assembled and modified here in at their America's Cup USA Facility in San Francisco. Read More.

August, 2012

School has resumed and events to follow shortly!

Summer, 2012

Training Cruise! (Click Picture for More!)

March, 2012

As the America's Cup approaches, the task of race management and logistics have become increasingly difficult; as we learned during our offsite on March the 14th. Hosted on the S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien, Mr. Bob Billingham of the America's Cup Organization Committee, addressed the plans and development for hosting the race in the San Francisco Bay. He also took time to discuss the AC45 and AC72 boat design rules as well as construction design technology.

February, 2012

On February 18th, our SNAME Student Section had the privilege to board and tour the USCG Cutter Waesche. Launched in 2008, she is one of the three brand-new Legend Class Maritime Security Cutters. Escorted by USCG Officer Lieutenant Gregaro Vera (Member of Golden Gate ASNE Section) and USCG Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Kinsella, we were able to see the high-tech bridge, living quarters, Engine Control Room, the ship's gas turbine propulsion system as well as auxiliary machinery spaces such as water distillers, A/C and refrigeration units.

Our last offsite of this month was a presentation of a technical paper by UC-Berkeley graduate student, Christophe Cochet. Primarily focused around the hydrodynamic performance of a compound cylinder extracting ocean-wave energy converter, the presentation was attended by our Section Chair, Liaison Officer, Secretary and Outreach Officer.

January, 2012

Hosted in Alameda, California on the 11th of January, our section attended a presentation by Keith Michel and Spencer Schilling of Herbert Engineering Corp. We learned about the new rules that the IMO will impose in the near future regarding ship design and propulsion efficiency. Topics such as hull design and propulsion systems as well as energy efficiency devices were discussed.

On January 27th, California Maritime Academy's SNAME Student Section hosted UC-Berkeley's SNAME Student Section for a tour of our campus and our facilities. Over the course of the tour we demonstrated our steam and diesel simulators as well as our bridge and navigation simulator and gave everyone a tour of our 500-ft training ship, the Training Ship Golden Bear.

December, 2011

The Northern California SNAME/ASNE section meeting was held at Spice Monkey Cafe in Oakland and discussed the response to the BP Gulf oil spill.  Read more.

November, 2011

The Northern California section meeting took place on November 9th  at the Montclair Bistro in Oakland and covered the “WindFloat,” a floating foundation for a wind turbine, developed by Berkeley-based Marine Innovation and Technology Company.  Read moreRelated video.

Cadets Davede Thompson, Daniel Posey and Michael Diddams traveled to Houston for the annual SNAME meeting and expo.  They participated in a self contained student program in addition to panel discussions and paper presentations.  See photo section for pictures.

October, 2011

The first CMA-SNAME delegation to an event by the Northern California SNAME section of the 2011-2012 academic year took place on October 19th, focusing on the SeaPerch program for mentoring youth in naval architecture and marine engineering.  Read more.  Photo 1.

As on-campus meetings have started again including discussions and presentations on NAME related subjects.  Section secretary Michael Diddams presented
this PowerPoint at the October 3rd on-campus meeting about an ongoing dispute between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and EGT, LLC in Longview, Washington.

June, 2011

Our section chair Piotr Orzechowski attended the SNAME chair elect seminar in Florida.
Photo 1, Photo 2.

May, 2011

The California Maritime Leadership Symposium took place in Sacramento with participation from CMA-SNAME members.
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April, 2011

About a dozen CMA students (not small for a campus of 800) attended a presentation on BAE systems repair of the Carnival Splendor.  The meeting was sponsored jointly by SNAME, ASNE and the Society of Port Engineers.  Economics was as much part of the presentation as engineering for the massive cruise industry.
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CMA-SNAME set up a table at the campus open house.  Students considering entering as the class of 2015 showed strong interest in being a part of a professional society before even registering for their first classes.
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March, 2011

Cadets organized by CMA-SNAME took a field trip to the Napa marina, leaning about the economics of recreational boating and admiring a large aluminum hulled trimiran designed to circumnavigate the globe.
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A popular CMA-SNAME field trip went to the Northern California section's monthly meeting to hear a presentation on underwater robotics operating in extreme research environments.
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February, 2011

CMA-SNAME hosted a meeting of the Northern California section of SNAME on campus.  A presentation by the Chief Engineer of the Training Ship Golden Bear discussed the state of the art ballast water treatment system installed on the vessel during the previous year and used on the 2010 training cruises.

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