Who Are We?

By Zachary Peter posted 10-24-2019 05:11 PM

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من نكون؟
  ASCS او Alexandria student chapter of sname
والاسم دا هيخلينا نقف عند موضوعين مهمين اوى وهما
١)مين SNAME ؟ وهنقول كمان شويه
٢) احنا بدأنا ليه student chapter دى عندنا ؟

مبدئياً كدا احنا طلبه زيكم مننا طلبه فى هندسة بحريه وطلبه فى offshore .
والسبب اللى بدأنا علشانه ال student chapter دى هو السبب اللى خلاك تقول دلوقتى حالا فى نفسك مين هما مهندسين بحريه و offshore دول ؟

مجالنا وهو المجال البحرى مجال واسع جدا الناس فى مصر مش بتديله اهميه ومش متسلط عليه الضوء زى باقى المجالات اللى عليها اقبال من الطلبه .

وهنا جه دورنا فى إنشاء ال student chapter دى وهى اننا عايزين ننشر فكرة وشغل ال marine engineering بشكل عام ودا أحد أهدافنا الصغيرة وسط باقى الاهداف الكبيرة اللى هتعرفوها من خلالنا على مدار الفترات الجايه ان شاء الله...

نيجى بقى لاول حاجه خالص وهى SNAME او
‏society of naval archituctures and marine engineers

احنا هنتكلم عن SNAME باستفاضه كبيره خلال ال posts اللى جايه ودورها ايه وايه اهدافها ...
ولكن SNAME من منظور كبير كدا
هى منظمه دوليه غير هادفه للربح تضم كل ما يتعلق بمجال الصناعات البحريه واحنا كمهندسين بحريين ومهندسين offshore فى ASCS تابعين للمنظمه دى.

>>مش عارف لسا يعنى ايه offshore engineering صح ؟
دا دورنا اننا نمشى عكس التيار ونقرر بدل ما نهرب من الناس اللى مش عارفانا اننا نعرفهم بينا اكتر واكتر ونوضحلهم اهميه المجال بتاعنا.


>> Who are we?
- We are ASCS or Alexandria Student Chapter of SNAME

And this name will get us to notice two important topics
1) Who is SNAME?
2) Why did we start in Egypt

Initially, we are students from marine engineering Department in addition, to offshore Engineering Department.
The reason why we started the student chapter  is the reason why you are saying now in yourself who are marine engineers and offshore engineers?

Our field, which is the maritime area, is a very wide area in Egypt.

Here is our role in the establishment of the student chapter, which is that we want to spread the idea and occupy the marine engineering in general and one of our small goals and the rest of the big goals you will know through us over the coming periods,

Society of naval architects and marine engineers

We are talking about SNAME with a great deal during the posts ...
But SNAME from a very big perspective
It is an international non-profit organization that includes everything related to the field of marine industries and us as marine engineers and offshore engineers in ASCS affiliated to the organization .

>> you don't know what it means offshore engineering, right?
this is our role that we walk opposite the current and decide instead of what we escape from the people who do not know that us, we get them to know us more and more and show them the importance of the marine area.

We enacted in a detailed post more about SNAME and our goals.