The Secret to a Successful SNAME

By Martin Toyen posted 04-19-2017 03:40 PM


Dining out with my wife recently, I noticed something—as I looked around the restaurant I saw other guests with their heads buried in their phones, eyes stuck to a screen and not interacting with those sitting right in front of them.

Each of us is guilty of using our phones a little too much, but personal connection is still vital for business and personal fulfillment.

The Executive Committee and I have been discussing the value of being a SNAME member, and it occurred to me that at a time when people don’t interact in the way they once did, professional societies like ours are more important than ever before.

SNAME is more than just technical content and programs; the society facilitates meaningful personal and professional interactions and places a premium on engaging with colleagues and peers. Whether it’s presenting a paper at a section meeting, making new connections at networking events around the globe, or participating on a committee, SNAME fosters community amongst members with diverse interests and backgrounds.

Providing members more

Value goes farther than discounts on publications and registrations. Membership value is knowing you are part of a professional community that brings together like minds from around the world to discuss, debate, and build lasting relationships. It’s sharing a common bond with individuals who can help you find the solution to a problem, and having a world-class technical library worth millions at your disposal.

Introduce your friends and colleagues to SNAME

I’ve been a proud SNAME member for more than 25 years. I’ve met some of my best friends through the society—we’ve shared laughs, we’ve disagreed, and we’ve leaned on each other for help throughout our careers and into our retirement. I hope that you have found the same welcoming community I first experienced in 1990s.

I challenge you: invite your friends, associates, co-workers, and others to section meetings, paper presentations, and direct them to the membership application on

I hope you’ll share your SNAME story with your friends and colleagues who aren’t yet members and encourage them to join our ranks. You are the most valuable part of SNAME.

Very truly,

Marty Toyen

SNAME President


PS: I’ll be attending OTC 2017 in Houston, TX at the beginning of May to learn about the latest advances in offshore technology and meet fellow professionals. I hope to see you there!