Time of Transition

By Martin Toyen posted 01-09-2017 06:03 PM


Happy and Healthy New Year to all. I am Martin Toyen, president of SNAME. I am profoundly honored to have been asked to serve as president and I look forward to maintaining the very highest standards that this professional organization has stood for during its 120 years of existence.


A very warm thank you to Joe Comer, who was president and led the organization for the last two years. I appreciated his openness and mentoring this past year and look forward to working with him during the next two years.


SNAME has implemented a membership growth plan. That plan calls for 325 net new paid professional members by November 2017. The plan can only work if each and every one of us sign up a new member. Please help us to reach our goal. All you need to do is give a prospective new member the URL www.sname.org and direct them to the membership tab. Your success in getting a new member is our success.


In addition, we recognize the importance of networking with fellow professionals. It is another value of membership and we encourage everyone to attend section meetings. Our sections are large in geographical size and it is sometimes difficult to travel to some of the meetings. We are going to implement a Web-based system that will enable you to see and participate with the presenter as well as network with fellow professionals. We are not suggesting that you watch the technical presentation from your home; rather, we encourage people to get together in an office or restaurant. If you want more information about how to connect, please feel free to contact me at marty@toyen.net.


As I step into the role of president, there are several other initiatives underway. The first is the publishing of Principles of Naval Architecture. We are hopeful that you will see three of the four remaining books in the series finished in 2017. Second, Michael Parsons has agreed to be the editor of the revised Marine Engineering. It has been a long time since the edition by Roy Harrington was updated. If you would like to assist with the book—writing chapters, reviewing copy, and so forth—please contact Susan Evans Grove, SNAME director of content at 703-997-6706.


Finally, SNAME is exploring a new service for its members. Distance learning would be a Web-based course driven program. You would take online course(s) and receive a certificate of completion. If you are interested in more information please contact me at marty@toyen.net.

Martin Toyen

President of SNAME

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01-12-2017 03:05 PM

Our Southeast Section video conferenced meeting went very well last month. I am glad to see our professional society working to advance itself to the latest technology. It's all about networking in this new century, but that's not news since knowledge has always been the primary source of power...