Words from the new Chair

By Julie Lane posted 08-29-2017 08:12 PM

Thank you everyone who voted me to be Chair for the Hampton Roads Section. I am excited about our meeting schedule this year. We have lots of great meetings in the works including papers by several of our members and a tour of Colonna Shipyard. Here is a tentative lineup of meetings.

Sept 12- Marine’s Museum for America’s Cup 2013 Followed by a tour of Tradition’s Brewery

Oct. 10 Hydraulic Dredging- By O’Donnell

Dec. 12- Analysis of Ironclad CSS Virginia- by Marickovich

Jan (TBD)- Joint meeting with ASNE- Possible topic- Rapid Design Environment- By MacPherson -Still confirming details

Feb 13- Single Point-Mooring in High Winds- by Soja

Mar.13-Colonna Shipyard Tour

April 10- Student papers

May 8- Still looking for a speaker

I hope each of you make it out to some of the meetings and be sure to invite friends and colleagues.