PPC boatbuilding

By Binh Do posted 10-16-2016 08:40 PM


In this letter, I want to propose a topic interesting in Vietnam shipbuilding now, it is PPC boatbuilding. As you know, PPC (Polypropylene copolymer) is a thermoplastics material and using for auto parts, very small leisure boat (Porta-Bote Washington USA)  .... I think , till this days, only big boats are built in Vietnam (pls see  the link http://jamesboat.vn/en/news/technology-in-building-ppc-boats-69.html ) . This event raised a discussion in our circle : Why another countries  don't use this material in boatbuilding ? Why no instructions, no regulations about this material issued by Lloyd's, Rina, ABS, DNV ...? What is the negative aspect of PPC boats , which our experts don't realize . Hearing from you the comments