Past ATTC Conferences

U.S. Naval Academy Rickover Hall Room 103

Thursday, August 12, 2010
8:00 Registration - Coffee and pastries
8:20 Welcome in Lecture Hall – Room 103

Seakeeping 8:30 Session Chair: Martin Dipper (NSWC-Carderock)
  • Seakeeping Performance of NASA’s Orion Crew Module - Carrico
  • Characterization of Physical Phenomena for Large Amplitude Ship Roll Motion - Bassler, Reed, Brown
  • The Characterization of Individual Wave Slam Acceleration Responses for High Speed Craft - Riley, Coats, Haupt, Jacobson
  • An Examination Of The Statistical Behavior Of Planing Craft Peak Vertical Accelerations In Irregular Waves - Grimsley, Liu, Hou
  • Test Platform Development for Measuring SES Response to Wave Loads - Kouvaras, Dhanak, Xiros

Break 10:10

Waves 10:40 Session Chair: John Hoyt (NSWC-Carderock)

  • A New Look At Wave Synthesis Using Multiple Wave Fronts - Rogers, Jason, Spinneken
  • Free Surface Measurements of Large-Scale Breaking Transom Waves using Quantitative Visualization - Beale, Fu, Wyatt, Walker
  • A Directional Wave Array Using Ultrasonic Sensors - Fullerton, Fullerton, Fu
  • LIDAR As A Laboratory Based Wave Measurement Tool - Drazen

Lunch 12:00

Waves continued 1:00
  • The Operation of Force-controlled Absorbing Wave Machines - Spinneken, Swan

Maneuvering 1:20 Session Chair: Chris Williams (NRC/IOT Canada)
  • A Simple Method for Hydrodynamic Prediction of the Manoeuvring Performance of a Twin-Pod Vehicle - He, Williams
  • Depth-Changing Manoeuvres using the MUN Explorer AUV - Issac, Bose, Williams, Bachmayer, Crees
  • Effects of Sway Frequency and Hull Length on the Hydrodynamic Force and Moment Derivatives for the Axi-Symmetric Bare Hull of an Underwater Vehicle - Azarsina, Williams
  • Modeling of a Towed Array: Scale Model Experiments and Numerical Simulations - Seto, Williams
  • Scaling the Roughness of Submarine Non-Skid Coatings - Shen, Hess

Break 3:00

Facilities 3:30 Session Chair: Robert Etter (NSWC – Carderock)

  • Naval Surface Warfare Center’s Wavemaker Modernization Program - Hayden, Hoyt, Melendez, Moeller, Bargman, Carpenter, Turner
  • Recent Testing, Training, and Research Conducted at Ohmsett - The National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility - Guarino, Schmidt, Meyer, Delgado
  • Electronic Instrumentation For Distributed Pressure Measurements On Model Tests - Trindade, Ramiro, Fernandes, Nascimento, Maia

Adjourn 4:30

Friday, August 13, 2010

8:00 Registration - Coffee and pastries
8:20 Welcome in Lecture Hall – Room 103

Facilities continued 8:30 Session Chair: Robert Etter (NSWC Carderock)
  • The Ohmsett Ocean Energy Test Facility - Brown, Guarino
  • NSWCCD Maneuvering and Seakeeping Basin (MASK) Wavemaker Fabrication and Installation - Hackenberg, Harper, Ferrara, Goldhammer, Rea, Rogers, Perry, Gilbert
  • Test Design for Towing Tank Tests of Large Models - Irvine, Fu
  • Experimental Facilities for the Simulation of Breaking Bow Waves and the Hull Boundary Layer - Duncan, Shakeri, Maxeiner, Tavakolinejad
  • Design and Use of a 3DoF Motion Mechanism for Large Amplitude Forced Oscillation Model Testing - Grant, Bassler, Percival, Walker
Break 10:10

Facilities continued 10:40

  • The History of the Naval Academy Hydromechanics Laboratory (NAHL) - Johnson, Zseleczky
  • Resistance & Propulsion 11:00 Session Chair: Raju Datla (Davidson Lab)
  • Test Results and Uncertainty Estimates for CEHIPAR Model 2716 - Park, Ratcliffe, Minnick, Russell
  • Facility Comparison on Model Calm Water Resistance Characteristics of a Trimaran - Royce, Datla, Waters, Bucknall
  • Toward a More Rational Approach for Planning Ship Model Turbulence Stimulation - Murphy, Schultz, White, Pavkov
Lunch 12:00

Resistance & Propulsion continued 1:00
  • Hull Forms with Low Cruise Speed Resistance and High Speed Dynamic Stability- Experiments and Computations - Ranzenbach, Bowles
  • Open Water Tow Tank Testing of a Surface Piercing Propeller - von Ellenrieder, Lorio, Altamirano
  • Probabilistic-Based Design ofWaterjet Propulsors for Surface Effect Ships - Kramer, Motley, Young
Break 2:00

Misc 2:30 Session Chair: Chris Hart (Formerly University of Michigan)
  • Analysis Of A Torpedo Anchor During Installation In A Deepwater Ocean Basin - Sales, Franchi, Trindade, Fernandes, Silva
  • Frequency Dependence of Hydrodynamic Coefficients in Roll - Judge
  • Experimental Characterization of High Solidity Cross-Flow and Axial Flow Tidal Turbines - Bates, Ketchum, Kimball, Peterson
  • Wind Tunnel Tests of a Trimaran Hull - Etter, Barlow, Kassaee, Aparakakankanange
ATTC Business Meeting 3:50

Adjourn 4:00