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2020 Luncheon Schedule
Our luncheon meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month in Calgary,
January to May, and September to December.

Future luncheons will include:
~ Ben Johansson - 50 Years of Ice Strengthening Ship Hulls
~ Roger Pilkington and Gregory Warbanski - Iceberg Towing
~ Frank Bercha - Barents Sea Oil and Gas Development - Safety Provisions
~ Arno Keinonen - Arctic career overview and insights

 2020 John W Davies Memorial Award
Deadline extended to November 20, 2020.
Open and accepting applications.  

This annual competition is open to any full time graduate student (at a recognized university in Canada or the US State of Alaska) whose research will assist in providing solutions to the problems encountered in the Arctic or in cold ocean environments.  Due to the special circumstances resulting from COVID-19, including university closures, the deadline for applications for the 2020 award has been extended to November 20, 2020.
>> More information on the 2020 award >>  

Past Award Recipients:
Abigail Dalton received the 2019 award while a PhD student in the Laboratory for Cryospheric Research at the University of Ottawa. Her research is focused on understanding iceberg production from the Prince of Wales Icefield on SE Ellesmere Island, iceberg drift through Baffin Bay, and assessing potential shipping risk associated with icebergs along primary shipping routes in Canadian waters.

     >> View past award recipients >> 
We are deeply saddened by the recent losses of our long time SNAME Arctic Section members:
Brian Wright
November 5, 1949 - January 2, 2020
Link to online Obituary
Dr Dan Masterson
July 3, 1944 - October 20, 2019

Link to Calgary Herald Obituary
The Story of Offshore Arctic Engineering, by Dan Masterson, is available via Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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       SNAME Arctic Section Luncheon Meetings 
The 2020 Luncheons have been postponed due to the current public health situation.
August 11, 2020 Update: Our ongoing luncheon suspension has been extended. We are considering virtual meeting options so as to safely resume our meetings in the future.
 >> Future speakers >>
Our luncheon meetings will reconvene when it is safe to do so.
Dates: TBA
Location: The Westin, Calgary
Time: Registration 11:30am to noon. 
          Luncheon at 12:00
Please contact us if you or a colleague are interested in presenting at a luncheon meeting. Luncheon invitations are sent by email to our contact list in advance of each event. Contact us if you wish to attend or receive information on future Arctic Section events. 
About the SNAME Arctic Section Luncheon Meetings:  
We maintain our monthly luncheon schedule from September through May, meeting on the third Wednesday of the month. (Our summer break runs June to August). Presentations cover a large variety of topics, including marine, Arctic, logistics, scientific research, ice monitoring, ice management, and more. Program development is now underway for our 2020 Luncheon Meetings. Please contact us if you or a colleague are interested in presenting at a future luncheon meeting.
Luncheon invitations are sent by email to our contact list in advance of each event. Contact us if you wish to attend or receive information on future Arctic Section events.           

Arctic Section history and more ...


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For ICETECH conference archival information, visit www.icetech16.org. Email the Secretariat to join our  confidential email distribution list and receive updates on future Arctic Section activities. 

2020 Luncheon Photos
2020-Feb19-ChrisPresentation.jpg 2020-Jan22-KensPresentation.jpg
 Chris Hill presented Revisit to the Arctic Energy Gateway on February 19, during which he expressed ideas on the future of vessel design and use in Arctic Canada.
Ken Croasdale started our 2020 luncheon series on January 22 with his presentationPotential Effects of Climate Change on Offshore Ice Design Criteria.
2019 Luncheon Photos
December 18, 2019  2019-Dec18-luncheon.jpg George Kwan, November 20, 2019 2019-Nov20-MCDV-George_and_his_wife.jpg
 Stuart Russell generated lively discussion around the two Denny Ranson films: Freighter to the Frontiers and High Arctic Challenge, both films showcased the PWA Hercules aircraft operating in the Arctic.
A super final 2019 luncheon on December 18. George H.H. Kwan presented Naval Architect Over Half Century on November 20, 2019. 1980s photo: the final of 12 MCDVs, with George and his wife in foreground.
2019-Oct16-BenSeligman_with_DaveMcGonigal.jpg 2019-Sept18-AlanMurray_receives_Dans_book.jpg Dan presenting Bercha_image.jpg
Dr. Ben Seligman presented Recent Developments in Russian Arctic Oil and Gas on October 16. Dr. Alan Murray started off our fall 2019 luncheons on September 18 with his presentation Challenges to Sustainably Developing Canada's Hydrocarbon Bounty. On March 20, SNAME Fellow Dr. Dan Masterson introduced his new book, The Story of Arctic Offshore Engineering, an overview of his career and ice engineering over the past 45 years. On May 15,  SNAME Fellow, Dr. Frank Bercha presented on Offshore Escape, Evacuation, and Rescue (EER).
2018 Luncheon Photos
Dec19_2018-KenCroasdale.jpg 2018-Nov14-PicoR-Ice.jpg 2018_Oct17-DarleneSeligman.jpg May 2018 - Frank Bercha presenting
Ken Croasdale, Ice Engineering Consultant, rounded out 2018 with his December 19th presentation The Wanderer of Liverpool and other Tales.  Chris Hill, Canatec Environmental Limited,  presented The PicoR-Ice System - Personal GPR for Measuring Ice and Snow Thickness on November 14.  Darlene Seligman of ARKTOS Developments Ltd, presented Amphibious ARKTOS Craft - Unique Capabilities for Arctic Operations on October 17. On May 16, Frank Bercha, Bercha Group, presented Escape, Evacuation, and Rescue (EER) Reliability for Offshore Installations.  
April 2018 - Kim Clarke and Ryan Robertson presented    March 2018 - Bruce Calderbank presenting February 2018 - Dave Pool presenting 2018_Jan17-KenCroasdale.jpg
Kim Clarke and Ryan Robertson of ConocoPhillips Canada presented 2017 Tarsiut Caissons Arctic Decommissioning Project on April 18. On March 21, Bruce Calderbank, Hydrographic Survey Consultants Intl Ltd, presented Historic Canadian Maritime Legal Cases Involving the Surveyor.   On February 21, Dave Poole of Dillon Consulting, presented Development of a Regional Risk Assessment Methodology for Ship-Source Oil Spills in Canadian Waters. Ice Engineering Consultant, Ken Croasdale started off the new year on January 17, presenting “The best laid plans of mice and men*” – From the blades of propellers to the blades of wind turbines
2017 Luncheon Photos
Scott Tiffin-Oct 18, 2017
 Bruce Calderbank
 John Fitzpatrick presenting
On November 15, Doug Matthews, Matthews Energy Consulting, presented Is It All Over for Northern Oil and Gas?. Doug is shown here with Dave McGonigal.    Scott Tiffin, PhD, Canatec, presented Designing an Arctic Energy Corridor from Alberta through the Northwest Passage at our the October 15 luncheon.   On May 17, Bruce Calderbank, FRICS, CLS, PEng, Hydrographic Survey Consultants Intl Ltd, presented Why Did the Clipper Clip It?  John Fitzpatrick, PEng, CJK Engineering, presented Two Viable Production Platforms in 200m water depth, for NE Greenland at our April 19 luncheon.
 Susan with John Fitzpatrick  Roger Pilkington remembering Colin Langford Mohamed Ahmed and Azmy Aboulazm  

John Fitzpatrick receives the SNAME "icebreaker" thank you gift.

John's presentation was supported with images by Jakub Ciring. Visit our archives pages to view this (and other) presentations.

Also on April 19, Roger Pilkington delivered a memorial to Colin Langford who passed away in January. Colin was a long-time member, and in recent years continued to take part in our luncheon meetings.   Mohamed Ahmed, PhD student, University of Calgary presented on Estimation of Marine Carbon Sinks and Sources in a Changing Arctic System by Using Geospatial Information Technology. Azmy Aboulazm, Section Chair and Awards Chair, with Mohamed.  Our first luncheon of 2017 was held on February 15. We were pleased to welcome Mohamed Ahmed, a winner of the SNAME Arctic Section’s 2016 John W Davies Memorial Award. Mohamed presented on the research for which the award was conferred.
2016 Luncheon Photos       
 On September 21, Dr. Rob Huebert. Senior Research Fellow, Department of Political Science, University of Calgary, presented on Canada's Arctic Sovereignty.  Azmy Aboulazm, Arctic Section Chair, with Dr. Rob Huebert.  Ken Croasdale, PEng, CEng, FCAE, Ice Engineering Consultant, presented An Arctic Carol: The Arctic Past, The Arctic Present, and The Arctic Yet to Come on December 21. Ken's Dickens-themed presentation was in keeping with the spirit of the season, with Christmas and the holidays around the corner. Thank you Michel Metge for introducing Ken!


 On February 17, Dr. John Yackel. Professor and Head of the Department of Geography, University of Calgary, presented on the Churchill Marine Observatory. February 17 luncheon, Dr Yackel presenting.  The presentations are always interesting... And the food is delicious! 
 2015 Luncheon Photos      
Bruce Calderbank, FRICS, CLS, PEng, Hydrographic Survey Consultants Intl, presented on the Tarsuit Caissons and gave an interesting overview of his Arctic operations experiences. We also celebrated the Christmas and holiday season at this December 16 luncheon meeting.

Julia Kennedy-Francis of Kennedy-Francis Consulting presented: A Collaborative Approach to Business Relationship Building in the Offshore Industry at the October 21 luncheon meeting.

Tony Jang presented at the first luncheon meeting following our summer break on Wednesday, September 23 at the Westin Hotel.  Tony, the Marine Systems Manager at AOC, Inc of  Washington, DC, USA, presented: Flexible Warships in Foreign Navies: Applications for Future U.S. Navy Surface Combatants. Glenn Davis is the Speakers Chair, and is pictured here with Tony. (September 23 photos courtesy of Rebus Liu) 

 Our final luncheon meeting before our 2015 summer break was held on Wednesday, May 20 at the Westin Hotel.
Dr Hester Jiskoot (University of Lethbridge,
Associate Professor of Physical Geography and Glaciology, and Director of the Glaciology & Geoscience Laboratory) presented:  Dutch Whale of a Tale: Arctic navigation, weather and sea ice in 1710. This was also our final luncheon with Alex Brovkin as Speakers Chair.


Tom Brown, Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary started off our 2015 luncheon series with his presentation Flexural Failure of Ice: What We Have Learnt on Confederation Bridge. Tom (centre) shown here with Jim Bruce and Alex Brovkin.

On February 18, Ken Croasdale presented Engineering for Canada's Northern Oceans (a study being conducted under the auspices of the Canadian Academy of Engineering). Ken (centre) is pictured with Waleed Jazrawi and Dan Masterson (left), and Alex Brovkin, and Jakub Ciring (right). 

The April 15 luncheon featured Frank Bercha presenting Molikpaq Sakhalin EER Inspection and Analysis.  Frank (left) received the Arctic Section's thank you from Merv Edgecombe (centre, past Section Chair), and Azmy Aboulazm (right, current Section Chair).

 Merv Edgecombe, past Arctic Section Chair, received the official SNAME certificate of appreciation at the April 15 luncheon meeting. Merv is pictured here with Frank Bercha (left) and Alex Brovkin (centre) who served as the Arctic Section's Luncheon Meeting Coordinator for many years.

 Photos from December 1, 2014:  Dan Masterson, SNAME Fellow

 Dan Masterson was inducted as a SNAME Fellow on December 1.  Pictured here with his wife, Ginny.

Bill Maddock and Peter Noble (SNAME President) with Dan. 

In attendance were friends and colleagues from Dan's over 40-year career

The celebration at the pub

>> More photos >>

  SNAME is the premier North American society for professionals engaged in ship design, construction and operations.
Its Arctic Section is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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