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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Dr. Dan Masterson, PEng, PhD, SNAME Fellow will present


Dr. Dan Masterson will introduce his new book, The Story of Arctic Offshore Engineering, an overview of his career and ice engineering over the past 45 years. Technical papers, which have been published in journals or presented in conferences by Dan and his colleagues, are brought together in the book in a manner that is of interest to engineers and non-engineers who have a keen interest in the Arctic. Dan also brings his personal experiences forward, presenting anecdotal information of things that happened to him “behind the scenes”, and were interesting aspects of his career.

Dr. Dan Masterson is a registered Professional Engineer who has made significant contributions to the field of Arctic Offshore Engineering and has worked across the whole range of engineering tasks from research to design, project management and field construction. Dan has a BASc and MASc from the University of Windsor and a PhD from Queen’s University at Kingston. Dan is an internationally recognized expert in ice force analysis and a leader in the use of ice as an engineering material in areas such as the development of ice roads and for support of construction equipment working from the ice. He has conducted conceptual and front end designs of concrete and steel gravity base and floating structures for hostile environments in the Beaufort, Chukchi, Kara, Barents, Pechora, Caspian and Okhotsk Seas. His leadership and involvement in offshore exploration work dates back to the mid 1970s. Dan joined SNAME in 1982, the year the Arctic Section was founded. He is a past chair of the Arctic Section’s ICETECH conference. Dan was inducted as a SNAME Fellow in 2014, and in 2015 he was the first recipient of the Arctic Technology Conference "Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals".

We are excited to announce that Dan’s book, The Story of Arctic Offshore Engineering, is now published and available through Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

>> Look back to December 1, 2014 - the SNAME Fellowship induction for Dan.... >>


At the Westin Hotel, 320 4th Avenue SW, Calgary

Check-in: 11:30-12:00, luncheon and presentation: 12:00-1:00
Be sure to RSVP prior to the day.​​​​

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