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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Dr. Alan Murray, PEng, PhD, will present on the challenges of getting major energy infrastructure in place in Canada's current regulatory regime.


Canada’s energy resources from Oil, Coal and Gas place it sixth in world rankings. Their annual contribution to the economy represents 14% of nominal gross domestic product. According to NRCan, the Oil and Gas business provides gainful employment directly and indirectly to 769,000 people while the associated taxes and royalties at $14.1 billion help all levels of government to pay their way. Despite these benefits exploiting the resource in a sustainable manner poses significant challenges. These come in different shapes and sizes, from distance and ready access to markets; competition from other producing basins; poorly developed public policy; a regulatory quagmire; greenhouse gas emissions; and not least, a diminishing level of public trust and the assault on sound science. We will look at these factors and their effect on conventional and unconventional oil and gas production in the Western Canada sedimentary basin and the Arctic and suggest some possible solutions!


Alan Murray is a consulting engineer with Principia Consulting in Calgary, AB. Prior to forming Principia in 2010, he was Chief Engineer and Chief Safety Officer at the Canadian National Energy Board. Dr. Murray’s industry experience has included a number of senior management positions with a large pipeline operating company in North America with responsibility for system planning, construction, maintenance and contracting functions. His 45 years of work experience spans research, regulation, third-party assessment, design and development in pipelines and offshore structures. He is a former Chair (1987!) of the SNAME Arctic Section. He was the founding chairman of the ASME Pipeline Systems Division and is the co-author of the ASME Press text books Pipeline Design and Construction – A Practical Approach and Pipeline Integrity Assurance and is a Fellow of the ASME..


At the Westin Hotel, 320 4th Avenue SW, Calgary

Check-in: 11:30-12:00, luncheon and presentation: 12:00-1:00
Be sure to RSVP prior to the day.​​​​

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