2015 Luncheons

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21-Jan Flexural Failure of Ice - What We Have Learnt for Confederation Bridge Thomas Brown, PhD, PEng, FCSCE
Professor Emeritus,  Dept of Civil Engineering,  University of Calgary
Abstract Presentation
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Part 2
 Jan 21: Jim, Tom, Alex  

 "Engineering for Canada's Northern Oceans"
A study being conducted under the auspices of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE)

Ken Croasdale, PEng, CEng, FCAE
​K.R. Croasdale and Associates Ltd
Abstract Presentation  Feb 18: Ken and colleagues  
 15-Apr Molikpaq Sakhalin EER Inspection and Analysis Frank Bercha, PhD, PEng,  Bercha Group Abstract  Presentation
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Part 2
April 15: Frank Bercha presenting Apr 15: Azmy and Frank

Appreciation Ceremony for past Arctic Section Chair, Merv Edgecombe, was held at the start of the Luncheon Meeting. The SNAME certificate of appreciation was presented to Merv.


Apr 15: Thank you Merv

 20-May  Dutch Whale of a Tale: Arctic navigation, weather and sea ice in 1710  Dr Hester Jiskoot,
University of Lethbridge,
Associate Professor of Physical Geography and Glaciology, and Director of the 
Glaciology & Geoscience Laboratory
Abstract  Not available   Hester Jiskoot  Thank you!
 23-Sept  Flexible Warships in Foreign Navies:
Applications for Future U.S. Navy Surface Combatants  
Tony T. Jang,
Marine Systems Manager, AOC, Inc
Washington, DC, USA 

>> Paper available externally >>


 21-Oct  A Collaborative Approach to Business Relationship Building in the Offshore Industry  Julia Kennedy-Francis,
 Kennedy-Francis Consulting
Abstract   Presentation


(1) Tarsuit Caissons - A Brief History

(2) Tarsuit Caissons - Bathymetric Surveys for ConocoPhillips (14 August to 03 September 2013)

 Bruce Calderbank, FRICS, CLS, PEng, Hydrographic Survey Consultants Intl


(1) Presentation

(2) Presentation

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