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10th Annual Apprentice School SNAME BDC


The 10th Annual Apprentice School SNAME Boat Design competition took place at The Mariners’ Museum in the heavy winds on Saturday May 6.  The four finalists in this year’s competition were Barracuda (Advanced Technology Center), Nauti Buoys (West Springfield High School), Operation Overboard (Jamestown High School), and Pay-Day (Poquoson High School).  We had a new team this year in the race day event - it was West Springfield’s first time as a finalist.    This year’s competition had the high school students design landing craft for an invasion at the Lion’s Bridge!  This year’s competition was very close and Barracuda with its 46 “jeeps” and 192 “soldiers” was declared the victor!  (ATC was also the winner of the first competition in 2008.)

Additionally, there was a second set of races this year – the 10th Anniversary Championship.  Your Worst Anemone (Jamestown High School) returned from the 2015 competition and Monstro (Poquoson High School) returned from the 2016 competition (Winner).  These two competed in both a high speed race and slalom race to see which boat was the best.  It was an extremely close competition and Monstro was crowned the winner!  Thank you to the many SNAME volunteers for their countless hours spent on the competition!

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