General Agenda

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 

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1030 - 1330     Amphibious Vehicle Water/Land Demonstration at the 
                          Columbia Island Marina 
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1130 - 1330     President’s Club Reception & Luncheon
VADM John T. Blake, USN; Deputy Chief of Naval Operations 
                           for Integration of Capabilities and Resources (N8)

1300 - 2100     Exhibit Setup

1400 - 1700     ASNE Sections Meeting

1730 - 1930     ASNE Leadership Dinner

1700 - 1900     Registration Open

1830 - 2100     Sponsor/Exhibitor/Attendee Welcome Reception (Sponsorship available)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

0700 - 1830     Registration Open

0700 - 0800     Continental Breakfast 
                          (Sponsored by General Atomics)

0700 - 0800     Student Breakfast (Sponsorship available)
                           Mr. Brian Persons, Executive Director, NAVSEA

0800 - 0810     Welcome & Opening Remarks
                           CDR Dwight Alexander, USN (Ret.), Chairman, ASNE Day 2012
                           Mr. Ronald K. Kiss, President, ASNE

0810 - 0900     Keynote Address
 ADM Jonathan W. Greenert, USN; Chief of Naval Operations (Invited)

0900 - 0945     Critical Engineering Challenges Keynote
                           VADM Kevin M. McCoy, USN; Commander, NAVSEA

0945 - 1000     Navy Electric Ship Office US-UK Project Arrangement
                           Dr. Timothy J. McCoy, Director, Electric Ship Office (PMS-320)

1000 - 1030     Coffee Break (Sponsorship available)

1000 - 1300     NEW! Program Management Track

1030 - 1230     Concurrent Technical Paper Sessions: Track 1

                          Session 1: Integrating Unmanned Systems
Mr. Ricardo Cabrera
                          Asst. Moderator: Mr. Jack Nicholson

      • UAV Deck Recovery Stability Analysis
        Dr. Bernard Ferrier (Hoffman Engineering Corp) and Dr. John Duncan (UK MOD Defence Procurement Agency)
      • UV Sentry - A Center for Innovation in Naval Technology (CINT) Project: Future Technology Needs for the Counter Piracy Mission 
        Cullen Sarles (NSWC Carderock), Doug Lange, Christiane Duarte, Lauren Moraski, Bob Brizzolara, and the UV Sentry Team
      • Leveraging Technology from the Offshore Oil and Gas Sector for Handling, Stowing and Refuelling  Unmanned Vehicles from Surface Combatants 
        Geoff Lebans (Rolls-Royce Naval Marine Inc.) and Bill Spencer (Rolls-Royce Naval Marine Inc.)
      • CORPORAL JCTD:  Air and Ground Warfighter Operational Collaboration via a Tactical Network with Unmanned Aerial Systems as Key Enablers 
        Peter Lilly (NSWC - Dahlgren)

                          Session 2: Energy Efficiency
Mr. John Pazik, ONR 331, Director of Ship Systems 
                          and Engineering Research
                          Asst. Moderator: Dr. John Amy

      • A Case for Power Management of Ship Power Systems: Improving Operational Efficiency while Maintaining Survivability and Operational Performance 
        Justin C. Morse, Donald C. Simon, and Troy V. Nguyen (Northrop Grumman)
      • Hull, Mechanical, & Electrical (HM&E) Roadmap: Revolutionizing Naval Warfare and Achieving Energy Security
        Thomas W. Martin (SEA 05T) and Jeffrey M. Voth (Herren Associates, Inc.)
      • Hydrodynamic Energy Saving Enhancements for DDG 51 Class Ships
        Dominic S. Cusanelli and Gabor Karafiath (NSWC - Carderock)
      • Electric Plant Architecture Design Considerations for Naval Combatants at the Beginning of the 21st Century 
        Thomas Dalton (BMT Syntek Technologies) and Melissa Smoot (PMS 320)

                          Session 3: Integrating Fleet Combat/Missions Systems
Ms. Patricia Hamburger, NAVSEA
                          Asst. Moderator: Ms. Karole Davidson, NAVSEA

                          Session 4: Engineering for Reduced Maintenance
Mr. George M. Drakeley, III, PE, Director for 
                          Marine Engineering, NAVSEA
                          Asst. Moderator: Mr. Doyle Kitchin, NAVSEA

      • DDG-51 Class Helo Hangar Door: A Proposal for Redesign
        Brett Franks (NSWC - Carderock), Terri Merdes (Penn State ARL), Courtney Brown (McKean Defense)
      • NASA/JPL ePrognostics Technology to Support Fleet Remote Operations and Asset Health Management
        K. Carlton-Wippern, P. Chan, J. Ochoa, V. Tsugawa, M. Ward, (NSWC - Port Hueneme)
      • Advances in Aluminum Relative to Ship Survivability
        Jerri McMichael,  Milo Novak, and Kyle Crum (Alcoa Technical Center)
      • Nonintrusive Techniques for Continuous Ship-board Vibration Monitoring
        John S. Donnal (MIT), Christopher Schantz (MIT), Uzoma Orji (MIT), Steven B. Leeb (MIT), Jim Paris (MIT), Andrew Goshorn (USNA), Kevin Thomas (USNA), Jayme Dubinsky (USNA), Robert Cox (UNC Charlotte)

1230 - 1345     Exhibit Hall Grand Opening & Luncheon 
(Sponsored by L-3 Marine and Power Systems)

1230 - 1600     Naval Engineering Historical Display in Exhibit Hall
                          (Sponsorship available)

1330 - 1730     Global Executive Shipbuilding Summit (Invitation Only)
                          (Sponsored by Siemens PLM Software)

1345 - 1530     Panel Session 1: Commonality - Time for Navy Buyers List?
                          Moderator: RADM Thomas J. Eccles, USNChief Engineer and 
                          Deputy Commander for Naval Systems Engineering, NAVSEA
                          Asst. Moderator: CDR Stephen P. Markle, USN (RET), PE, 
                          Electric Ship Office (PMS-320)

      • Mr. John L. Lovasz, Vice-President, Marketing and Business Development, Rolls-Royce Naval Marine Inc.
      • Mr. John Sofia, NAVSEA 05S
      • Mr. Jerry Punderson, NAVSEA 02, NAVSEASYSOM
      • Mr. John Goodhart, Vice Commander NAVSUP HQ

1530 - 1545     Break 

1545 - 1730     Panel Session 2: Mil-Specs - Cost Driver/Affordability Killer?
Mr. Chris Paquette, Director, Technical Policy and 
                          Standards (SEA 05S) DoN Standardization Officer
                          Asst. Moderator: CDR Greg Reed, USN (RET), DRS

      • Mr. Cary Shiao, AT Kearney
      • Dr. Norbert Doerry, NAVSEA 05T
      • Mr. Guy Babineau, Northrop Grumman
      • Mr. Gary Baumgart, Curtiss Wright-APSD

1730 - 1800     Break

1800 - 2200     Honors Gala (Additional registration required)

1800 - 1845     Honors Gala Welcome Reception 
                          (Sponsored by Nothrop Grumman Marine Systems)

1845 - 1945     Awards Ceremony
                          Remarks by: 
The Honorable Rob Wittman (VA-1) 
                          Presentation of ASNE Gold Medal, Geiger and Rosenblatt Awards

2000 - 2200    Gala Reception in Exhibit Hall (Sponsorship available)


Friday, February 10, 2012

0700 - 1400    Registration Open

0730 - 0850    Community Briefings for Navy Engineering Duty Officers/
                          Acquisition Professionals and Coast Guard Naval Engineers

                         Navy - RADM John Clarke Orzalli, USN; Vice Commander, NAVSEA

                         Coast Guard - RADM Ronald J Rábago, USCG; Assistant Commandant 
                         for Engineering & Logistics

0800 - 1400    Exhibit Hall Open

0800 - 0900    Continental Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall (Sponsorship available)

0800 - 0900    Naval Engineering Education Center (NEEC) Introduction
                          Dr. Tony Dean, ASNE/SNAME NEEC Project Director

0800 - 1400    Naval Engineering Historical Display in Exhibit Hall
(Sponsorship available)

0900 - 1000    Keynote Address

1000 - 1030    Break in the Exhibit Hall (Sponsorship available)

1030 - 1230    Concurrent Technical Paper Sessions

                          Session 1: Adapting to a Changing Threat
RDML David H. Lewis, USN; PEO Ships
                          Asst. Moderator: Dr. Norbert Doerry, NAVSEA

      • Submersible Amphibious Assault Vehicles 
        Jeff Jordan (IntelliJet Marine)
      • Preparing for U.S. Polar Icebreaker Recapitalization 
        CAPT Craig Schnappinger, USCG (Ret.), (ABS) and Mr. Robert McKenna (ABS Consulting)
      • Integration of Fuel Cells on Ships 
        Livia Cohen, Andrew Tate, and Nicholas Weinhold  (NSWC - Carderock)
      • Anti-Tamper Protection of Critical Technologies to Reduce Total Ownership Costs
        Tom Roberson (Saber Systems)

                          Session 2: Affordability and Cost Management
Mr. Nidak Sumrean, NAVSEA
                          Asst. Moderator: Dr. Phil Koenig, NAVSEA

      • Total Ownership Cost Trade-off Analysis Architecture for Naval Platforms
        Christopher S. Trost, P.E., Tamara Greenlaw, Christopher Kish, Tamara Kett, Tom Mullen, Richard-Duane Chambers, William K. Krebs (PA Consulting Group)
      • How a Commercial Company Uses Metrics to Reduce Total Ownership Costs
        CAPT Gordan E. Van Hook, USN (Ret.) (Maersk Line)
      • Enabling the Continuous Improvement of our Surface Navy Fleet Post Shakedown Availability (PSA) by Standardizing Execution Processes
        CDR Michael Mehls, USN, Kaitlyn Hines (Herren Associates), and Ann Lowe 
        (Herren Associates)
      • The ONR Ship Structural Reliability Program
        Dr. Robert A. Sielski, William Melton, Edward Devine, Ken Nahshon, and Liming Salvino (NSWC - Carderock), Karlin Anderson (Applied Research Associates, Inc.), and Robert Dow (Newcastle University)
      • Driving Affordability into Modernization
        Danial Ashmun and Michael King (Raytheon)

                          Session 3: Ship Design Challenges
Ms. Robin White
                          Asst. Moderator: Mr. Jeff Smith

      • Helping Bridge the Gap Between Space-Only Arrangements and Distributed System Layouts
        Justin W. Gillespie and Dr. David J. Singer (University of Michigan)
      • Effective Application of Design Space Exploration in Ship Design
        Bruce Wintersteen and Igor Mizine (CSC)
      • Green Ships Bringing the Green Machine to the Fight: How New Concept Small Deck Amphibious Ships Can Enhance the U.S. Navy Energy Security Posture
        Thomas W Martin (SEA 05T) and Thomas J Levac (Herren Associates)
      • Determining the Influence of Functional Design Groups and Variables in the 
        Set-Based Design Process
        Thomas A. McKenney and Dr. David J. Singer (University of Michigan)

                          Session 4: Transitioning Electric Weapons to the Fleet
Mr. Carl Siel
                          Asst. Moderator: CAPT Mike Ziv, USN

      • MK38 Tactical Laser Weapon System 
        Amir Chaboki, Stephen Sohm, Pradip Kar (BAE Systems), and Kami Burr (Boeing)
      • Engineering Free Electron Lasers for Deployment to the Fleet 
        Edward Pogue (Boeing) Bill Colson (NPS) Roy Whitney (JLAB) and Quentin Saulter (ONR)
      • Application of Metal Oxide Supercapacitors for Naval Applications
        Dr. Steven Risser, Dr. Elvin Beach, Megan Moore, and Dr. Olga Koper 
        (Batelle Memorial Institute)
      • Transitioning Lasers and Railguns-Based Weapons to the Fleet: The Power Conditioning Designer Point of View
        M. D. Driga (University of Texas)

1230 - 1315    Break in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Paper Session (Sponsorship available)

1315 - 1430    Awards Luncheon with Keynote Speaker 
                          (Sponsored by Textron Marine & Land Systems)
                         The Honorable Sean J. Stackley, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (RDA)
                         Presentation of ASNE Claud A. Jones, Solberg, and Hamilton Awards

1430                Symposium Concludes