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Nathan Tyler Hagan is a Junior at Webb Institute studying for a Bachelors of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He has served this last year as the Webb Institute Student Section Chairman, as well as the Electronic Media Chair for the 2009-2010 SSC. Nathan has presented at various SNAME events including the 2010 Annual Meeting in Seattle as well as the SEAPerch Stakeholders Conference in Honolulu, HI. Nathan is very excited to be serving a second year aboard the SSC and hopes to use his experience to make this year an unbounded success.




Mark Groden is currently a junior at the University of Michigan and will be graduating in May 2012. Mark's interest in engineering began at an early age with the design and build of a custom radio controlled monster truck that could achieve speeds of up to 60 mph. While in high school, this interest progressed to Science Olympiad competitions where he won the State of Ohio robotics event. Also while in high school, Mark worked for Case Western University as a researcher on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) sponsored by the U.S. Army. This research continued at Michigan his freshman year with a publication in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics journal on the safety implications of unmanned flight in urban environments. He currently holds two research positions, one of which is modeling UAV landings on aircraft carriers, is Vice-Commodore of the Michigan student section, and is a resident advisor. He has had engineering internships both freshman and sophomore summers, the most recent being a Global Product Development internship for the Ford Motor Company. As Vice-Chair of the SSC, Mark is expecting to bring the annual design competition to a new level of excellence. He also would like to increase student involvement in SNAME, and enhance collaboration between industry and students. Mark is planning on postgraduate studies, and is enthusiastic about pursuing a PhD in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.



Lampros N. is currently studying at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) expecting to obtain his MEng degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in 2012. He is also the Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust Scholar at NTUA for the years 2009 to 2012. Prior to joining the SSC, he has served SNAME as the Vice-Chairman of the Greek Student Section, the first Student Section of its kind outside North America. Outside the university, he has worked as an intern for Elefsis Shipyards (a major Greek Shipyard) and for a Greek shipping company (Target Marine) in their Technical Department in Piraeus and in their site offices in Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea as well. Having grown up in a maritime country, known for its enormous merchant marine, he was taught by his Grandfather to respect and passionately love and serve the sea. For this exact reason, Lampros always tries to do his best in studying and advancing the art and science of Naval Architecture, which is SNAME’s primary aim. Being the first international member of the SSC, Lampros is looking forward to working closer with SNAME in order to enhance and increase its international outreach, especially in prestigious maritime universities in Europe and in the meantime work as a link for US students to the Greek and European maritime clusters.



Samantha Lee is currently a senior at Virginia Tech pursuing a degree in ocean engineering with a minor in mathematics. She is from Vienna, Virginia and enjoys reading, swimming, and cooking/baking. Her academic interests include ship structures, vibration controls, and resistance and propulsion of ships. She plans to enter the workforce after graduation in May 2012.



Thomas Devine is originally from the great state of New Jersey. His interest in naval architecture began in high school where he worked aboard a 65 Research vessel, the R/V Blue Sea. Feeling most comfortable in math and science related subjects, Tom decided to pursue engineering. Virginia Tech married his love of all things nautical with a potential profession in ocean engineering. At VT, Tom has had a bunch of interesting opportunities to explore the different parts of Ocean engineering. For the first 3 years in school, he worked and competed with VT’s Human Powered Submarine, Phantom 5 and Phantom 6. Tom has conducted undergraduate research with the faculty in an attempt to produce an underwater glider testing platform for control algorithms. When Tom entered the department in his sophomore year, he joined SNAME and has been active throughout, eventually becoming elected to the Chair position his senior year. Professionally, Tom has spent 2 summers with CSC’s Advanced Marine Center in Washington DC and worked with their Amphibious ships group. Tom sees a ton of potential to build upon and grow the work that Nathan did last year. He wants to make the student’s microsites as useful as possible and as a member of the Electronic Media Committee, Tom wants to represent you, the students as best as possible.



Gaelen Krause is in the final year of his Bachelors degree in the Integrated Engineering Program at the University of British Columbia. His specialization in Naval Architecture is the logical progression from a youth spent on the water sailing, rowing, swimming, and exploring. In the past two years he has become active in the student leadership of SNAME, starting as the Chair of the UBC student section and transitioning recently to his position as Chair of the Student Section Standards Committee and member of the SSC. Gaelen is also the captain of the UBC Autonomous 'Sailbot' team, which will be competing this summer in the International Robotic Sailing Race in Annapolis. When able to find free time among these responsibilities, Gaelen frequently disappears into BC's snowy mountains to commune with nature on his powder skis.



Dr. Richard Boutwell is currently the Industrial and Business Training Manager at Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding. He received his BA in Behavioral Studies, his MA in Educational Psychology from the University of California and his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Brigham Young University.

Dick Boutwell has lived. Two or three times by comparison to some. He has been married for 31 years and has 5 children. He has owned part of a traveling carnival, served as a Road merchandiser for rock bands like KISS, Police and Elton John to name a few. He has served as a member of the American Barber Shop Society. He has taught students in various educational forums, including high school, college as well as serve as faculty advisor to the SSC and Apprentice School Student Chapter.

With a background such as his it is no wonder that he believes what lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters when compared to what lives within us. What you do is the benchmark to which you should be measured. Just looking back on his role in SNAME, he has be a remarkable force in student leadership. Dick has said that Learning is a verb, not a noun. Learning is a process, not a place or a target. Learning is never complete, we are always practicing to proficiency, i.e, a series of approximations toward constant improvement. Every moment with Dr. Boutwell is learning, and he has considered every opportunity to share his knowledge a blessing.

Dr. Richard Boutwell has been a member of SNAME for 18 years. He has served as a member and then Chairman of the Education Committee, Founder and Faculty Advisor to the Student Steering Committee, mentor to high potential young leaders, founder and faculty advisor to the only student section with shipbuilding experience (The Apprentice School Chapter), Designer of the Annual Student Congress and Job Fair. Dr. Boutwell started the SSC to give the Student a collective voice. He felt the student issues were understated in SNAME and they lack any power to change society policy. The student sections were at a disadvantage, as most students are in educational institutions (considering their power to change the institution). He was a student activists throughout his own college career and has carried that mentality throughout his life. Over the years, he has received distinguished service awards and in 2008 he was named a SNAME Fellow