Purpose & Goals

When it was first created, the SSC was tasked with organizing and running the Student Congress, held during SNAME Maritime Technology Conference and Expo (a.k.a. SMTC&E or the SNAME Annual Meeting). The Student Congress quickly became a great success, and caused the SSC to expand the student activities offered at the SMTC&E. The SSC now oversees an entire SNAME Annual Meeting Student Program. The SSC realizes that an annual Student Program is not enough to foster active student participation. As such, we have expanded our present and future plans to include:

• Creating an open means of communications with Student Sections and student members
• Keeping students informed of SNAME news and events – both locally and nationally
• Giving full support to current Student Sections, and encouraging the creation of new Student Sections
• Organizing new student programs and services to enhance student membership
• Continuing to represent student interests at all levels of SNAME

In addition, the 2014 goals are as follows:

Based on the structure of the Student Steering Committee and the success over the previous years our main goals for 2014 are to improve the support we provide to the sections, improve our communication, and increase retention.  The Outreach Committee will work hard throughout the year to provide direct support to the Student Sections as well as build a personal line of communication.  In efforts to unify our global student community, we look to have a more developed presence in electronic media through the integrated use of  SNAME micro-sites, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms.  This will hopefully continue to build our community which will carry over as we become Young Professionals within the Society.