ABS Linnard Prize

American Bureau of Shipping - Captain Joseph H. Linnard Prize

Established in 1937 as the Captain Joseph H. Linnard Prize, in 1993 it was renamed the American Bureau of Shipping—Captain Joseph H.Linnard Prize by action of the Executive Committee and will henceforth be sponsored by the American Bureau of Shipping.

The following rules govern:

a. The award of the prize will be for the best paper contributed to the Annual Meeting and appearing in the Transactions of the Society.
b. The title of the prize is "American Bureau of Shipping — Captain Joseph H. Linnard Prize."
c. The prize consists of an engrossed, illuminated, and suitably framed certificate.
d. Eligibility for the prize need not be limited to membership in the Society.
e. In the case of co-authors, each receives an award.
f. The selection of the nominee for the prize shall be made by the Awards Committee of the Society. The Awards Committee will consult the Papers Committee.
g. The nomination will require a two-thirds vote of the Awards Committee and approval by the Council.
h. Announcement and notification of the award will be made at the Annual Meeting. The prize will be presented with suitable ceremonies at such time as the President of the Society may arrange.
i. The prize may be awarded annually but not more often.

Past Recipients

1937 K.S.M. Davidson; “Some Experimental Studies of the Sailing Yacht”
1938 George G. Sharp; “Fire Control for Passenger Vessels”
1939 Henry A. Schade; “Bending Theory of Ship Bottom Structure”
1941 Claude O. Kell; “Investigation of Structural Characteristics of Destroyers Preston and Bruce,-Part 2-Analysis of Data and Results”
1942 Harold E. Saunders; "The David W. Taylor Model Basin”
1943 James H. Fahey; “Side Launching on the Great Lakes, Model Experiments and Practice”
1944 C. Richard Soderberg & Ronald R. Smith; “The Gas Turbine as a Possible Marine Prime Mover”
1945 F. H. Whitaker; “The Salvage of U.S.S. Oklahoma”
1946 Harold F. Robinson, & Eugene P. Worthen; “The Ore Carrier S.S. Venore”
1947 Robert W. Nolan; “Design of Stacks to Minimize Smoke Nuisance”
1948 Matthew G. Forrest; “Application and Use of Aluminum Alloys in Ship Construction”
1949 George W. Kessler; “Procedures and Influencing Factors in the Design of Marine Boilers”
1950 Henry C. E. Meyer; “Thickness of Steam Piping for High-Pressure, High-Temperature Service”
1951 Edward F. Hewins, Harold J. Chase, & A. L. Ruiz; “The Backing Power of Geared-Turbine-Driven Vessels”
1952 F. H. Todd & F. X. Forest; “A Proposed New Basis for the Design of Single Screw Merchant Ship Forms and Standard Series Lines”
1953 William B. Jupp, J.V.C. Malcolmson, & A. B. Krug; "Symposium on Control of Internal Corrosion of Tankers”
1954 Philip Mandel; “Some Hydrodynamic Aspects of Appendage Design”
1955 Edward V. Lewis; “Ship Model Tests to Determine Bending Moments in Waves”
1956 Joseph H. Chadwick, Jr.; “On the Stabilization of Roll”
1957 Paul S. Granville; “The Viscous Resistance of Surface Vessels and the Skin Friction of Flat Plates”
1958 Frederick H. Todd,George R. Stuntz, Jr.,& Pao C. Pien;“Series 60—The Effect Upon Resistance and Power of Variation in Ship Proportions”
1959 John Vasta; “Lessons Learned from Full Scale Structural Tests”
1960 Henry C. Andersen & Joseph J. Zrodowski; “Co-ordinated Alignment of Line Shaft, Propulsion, Gear, and Turbines”
1961 E. S. Arentzen & Philip Mandel; “Naval Architectural Aspects of Submarine Design”
1962 John P. Comstock & James B. Robertson, Jr.; “Survival of Collision Damage Versus the 1960 Convention on Safety of Life at Sea”
1963 Harry Benford, Kent C.Thornton, & E. B. Williams; "Current Trends in the Design of Iron-Ore Ships”
1964 Robert G. Henry & Richards T. Miller; “Sailing Yacht Design. An Appreciation of a Fine Art”
1965 Michel K. Ochi; “Extreme Behaviour of a Ship in Rough Seas—Slamming and Shipping of Green Water”
1966 Henry M. Cheng &Jacques B. Hadler; “Analysis of Experimental Wake Data in Way of Propeller Plane of Single and Twin- Screw Ship Models”
1967 James J. Henry & Henry J. Karsch; “Container Ships”
1968 Samuel R. Heller, Jr., Arthur R. Lytle, Richard Nielsen, Jr., & John Vasta; “Twenty Years of Research Under the Ship Structure Committee”
1969 Warren I. Signell; “Marine Boiler Design Today
1970 Frank M. Lewis; “Propeller Forces in Single-Screw Ships”
1971 Vincent W. Ridley; “Designing Reliability into Marine Steam Power Plants
1971 Jack W. Lewis & Roderick Y. Edwards; “Methods for Predicting Icebreaking and Ice Resistance Characteristics of Icebreakers”
1972 Robert S. Little, Edward V. Lewis, & Fred C. Bailey; “A Statistical Study of Wave-Induced Bending Moments on Large Oceangoing Tankers and Bulk Carriers”
1973 Willem B. van Berlekom & Thomas A. Goddard; “Maneuvering of Large Tankers”
1974 Vito R. Milano; “Ship Resistance to Continuous Motion in Ice”
1975 Jacques B. Hadler, Choung M. Lee, J. T. Birmingham, & H. D. Jones; “Ocean Catamaran Seakeeping Design Based Upon the Experiences of USNS Hayes"
1976 Theodore A. Loukakis & Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis; “Seakeeping Standard Series for Cruiser-Stern Ships”
1977 E. Scott Dillon, Ludwig C. Hoffmann, & Donald P. Roseman; “Forty Years of Ship Designs Under the Merchant Marine Act, 1936-976”
1978 Geoffrey G. Cox & Adrian R. Lloyd; “A Hydrodynamic Design Basis for Navy Ship Roll Stabilization”
1979 Justin Kerwin & Chang-Sup Lee; “Prediction of Steady and Unsteady Marine Propeller Performance by Numerical Lifting Surface Theory”
1980 Stanley G. Stiansen, Hsien Y. Jan and Donald E. Liu; “Dynamic Stress Correlation for the SL-7 Containership”
1981 Helge Johannessen & Knut T. Skaar; “Guidelines for the Prevention of Excessive Ship Vibration”
1982 William H. Garzke, Jr., & George D. Kerr; “Major Factors in Frigate Design”
1983 John P. Breslin, Robert J.Van Houten, Justin E. Kerwin, & Carl-Anders Johnsson;“Theoretical and Experimental Propeller-Induced Hull Pressures Arising from Intermittent Blade Cavitation, Loading, and Thickness.”
1984 Richard J. Baumler, Toshio Watanabe, & Hiroshi Huzimura; “Sea-Land's D9 Container-Ships: Design, Construction and Performance”
1985 Dwight H. Koops, Robert X. Caldwell , & Maurice Gordon; “Two State-of-the-Art Specialty Product Ships: Design, Construction and Operation”
1986 Peter Blume & Alfred M. Kracht; “Prediction of the Behavior and Propulsive Performance of Ships with Bulbous Bow in Waves”
1987 Donald L. Blount & Steven H. Cohen; “Research Plan for the Investigation of Dynamic Instability of Small High-Speed Craft”
1988 Kathryn K. McCreight; “Assessing the Sea Worthiness of SWATH Ships”
1989 Edward S. Purcell, Stephen J. Allen,& Richard T. Walker; “Structural Analysis of the U.S. Coast Guard Island Class Patrol Boat”
1990 Myron V. Ricketts & Peter A. Gale; “On Motions, Wetness and Such: The USS MIDWAY Blister Story”
1991 William K. Blake, J. Frisch, Justin E.Kerwin, Klaus Meyne & Ernst A. Weitendorf; “Design of APL C-10 Propeller with Full-Scale Measurements and Observations under Service Conditions”
1992 Larrie D. Ferreiro & Mark H. Stonehouse; “A Comparative Study of US and UK Frigate Design”
1993 Douglas H. Dirks & Gary M. Hetherington; “Hydrodynamic and Propulsion Design Concepts of Tuna Purse Seiners”
1994 Richard B. D'Souza, Andrew D. Henderson, David L. Barton, D. J. Hardin, Andy Boyd, & I. C. Solberg; “Floating Production Systems: Past, Present and Future Technology”
1995 Justin E. Kerwin, David P. Keenan, Scott D.Black, & James G. Diggs; “A Coupled Viscous/Potential Flow Design Method for Wake-Adapted, Multi-Stage, Ducted Propulsors Using Generalized Geometry”
1996 Hugh S. Rynn, Eugene A. Van Rynbach, & Hans G. Nilsen; “New Ships from Old: An Innovative Approach to Fleet Enhancement.”
1997 Michael S. Triantifyllou, David S. Barrett, Dick K. P. Yue, Jamie S. Anderson, Mark A. Grosenbaugh, Knut Streitlien, & Geroge F. Triantifyllou; “A New Paradigm of Propulsion and Maneuvering for Marine Vehicles”
1998 David K. Brown, Roy Cullimore, Timothy Foecke, William G. Garzke, Jr., H.P. Leighly, Jr., David Livingston, Paul K. Matthias, Arthur Sandiford & David Wood; “Titanic, The Anatomy of a Disaster”
1999 Douglas Faulkner; “ An Independent Assessment of the Sinking of the M.V. Derbyshire”
2000 Ick Hung Choe, Jang Young Chung, Jeom Kee Paik, Preben T. Pederson, Anil K. Thayamballi, Ge Wang; “On Rational Design of Double Hull Tanker Structures Against Collision”
2001 Robert G. Allan; "The Evolution of Escort Tug Technology...Fulfilling a Promise"
2002 Arthur M. Reed & Robert F. Beck; "Modern Computational Methods for Ships in a Seaway"
2003 Bruce L. Hutchison; "Joint Seakeeping Response for Determining Structural Loads"
2004 Bruce L. Hutchison, David L. Gray, Thomas Mathai; "Maneuvering Simulations-An Application to Waterway Navigability"
2005 YRoll of Large Containerships in Longitudinal Seas”ung S. Shin, Vadim L. Belensky, J. Randolph Paulling, Kenneth M. Weems, W.M. Lin; “Criteria for Parametric
2006 Peter G. Noble, Lars Ronning, John R. Paulling, III, Rong Zhao, Hoseong Lee; "A Novel LNG Tank Containment Design for Large LNG Carriers"
2007 Hans G. Payer, Raul Brostella; “The Panama Canal Expansion and the Panamax Vessels of the Future.”
2010 Emilio F. Campana, Daniele Peri, Yusuke Tahara, Manivannan Kandasamy, Frederick Stern
2011 Robert G. Allan, Kenneth D. Harford, Derek J. Noon, Jody Bjerkeset, Chief James Dalton and Chief William Siegel  "Concept Development, Detail Design and Construction of the Three Forty Three - North America’s Most Powerful Fireboat."
Norbert H. Doerry; "Institutionalizing Modular Adaptable Ship Technologies"
Apostolos Papanikolaou, Rainer Hamann, Byung Suk Lee,Christian Mains, Odd Olufsen, Erik Tvedt, Dracos Vassalos, George Zaraohonitis