Online Policies

Privacy Policy

Objective: The Society desires to provide current and timely information, which it feels would be of benefit to its members, and, at the same time, respect its members' rights to privacy. Henceforth, SNAME Headquarters will implement and follow the procedures and guidelines outlined herein:

1. The email list of member names and contact information will not be released, loaned or sold to any outside parties. The email list will be used for SNAME's internal operations only.

2. No product-related industry advertisements will be accepted for electronic distribution to members.

3. SNAMeNews, including the SNAMeNewsLetter and SNAMeNewsFlashes, will be used for SNAME-related news, events and announcements thought to be beneficial to the members. Periodically, non-product related advisements such as service and employment/recruiting announcements may be accepted for the SNAMeNewsLetter only with the approval of the Executive Director. These advisements will be placed in a dedicated section of the newsletter with introductory titles only and hyperlinks to the text for those interested in reading the entire message. 

4. Members may specifically request to be removed from electronic distribution for the SNAMeNewsLetter, SNAMeNewsFlashes or future electronic publications at any time by contacting Headquarters or by clicking the appropriate box at the end of the message. Conversely, members may be added or reinstated upon request at any time.