SNAME Maritime Convention 2014

SNAME is Pleased to Announce:


2014 SNAME Maritime Convention
October 20-25, 2014 
Hyatt Regency Houston
Houston, Texas USA

Why Attend the 2014 SMC?

Industry & Academic Papers and Presentations
National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) Expo
Panel Discussions
Technology and Product Demonstrations
Non-Paper Presentations
"Best Of" Symposia and Section Meeting Content
Topical Breakfasts
Student Program
Industry Short Course
Innovation Sessions in the Expo Hall
SNAME Short Courses (formerly Continuing Education Courses)
SMC Expo Featuring the Latest Technologies
Innovation Sessions
Alumni Events
Networking Events:
   - Annual Banquet
   - Pre and Post Banquet Receptions
   - Welcome Reception
   - Awards Luncheon
7th Annual Golf Tournament
6th Annual SNAME Cup Sailing Regatta
4th Annual Footy Yacht Regatta Design & Competition


T03 A Hybrid 2.5D HIgh Speed Strip Theory Method and its Application                     
T04 Ship Speed-Power Performance Assessment
T05 Application of the Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria in Initial Ship Design
T07 Reconstruction of the Historic Battleship TEXAS
T08 Emission and Fuel Reductions for Offshore Support Vessels through Hybrid Technologies
T18 Performance Improvement from a Concave/Convex Planing Surface - Wiggle Hull
T19 Concept Exploration of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle
T20 Engineering Forecasts and Monitoring for Offshore Construction Operations
T21 The Impact of Pulse Loads on Electric Warship Power Systems
T22 Research on Ducted Propeller and Rudder Interactions in Extreme Conditions
T24 Numerical Analysis of the Impact of Ship Airwake on the Effectiveness of an Air-sampling Mast
T25 Uncertainties of Climate Modeling and Effects on Wave Induced Bending Moment
T26  Impacts of Insulation and Joiner Treatments on Low Frequency Vibration in Marine Structures with Finite Element Applications
T27 Shaft Fatigue Considerations for Two-Stroke Direct-Coupled CPP Propulsion Systems
T28 A Marine Forensic Analysis of Fishing Vessel LADY MARY
T31 Steel Lazy Wave Risers – A Viable Solution for Turret and Spread Moored FPSOs
T32 High Performance Computing CFD-Based Global Optimization of Hybrid Ship Hull
T34 Ramification Study on IACS Harmonized Common Structural Rules
T37 Understanding and Optimizing Vessel Propulsive Power and Fuel Use ...
T40 Oil Tanker Cargo Hold Structural Optimization Using Ultimate Limit States
T41 A 3-D Unsteady Hydrodynamics Design Methodology for Underwater Vehicles and Appendages
T43 Impact of Climate Change and Extreme Waves on Tanker Design
T44 A Unified Laboratory and Field Testing 
Approach of Marine Shock Mitigating Seats
T47 Ship Hull Form Optimization using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
T51 A New Procedure for the Nonlinear Structural Response Analysis of Offshore Installations in Explosions
T53 A Small Vessel Guide to Compliance with Ballast Water Management
T56 Game Theory for the Maritime Professional
T58 Bulbous Bow Retrofit of a Containership Using an Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Toolbox
T59 Taking care of Ballast Tank Coatings = Green Ballast Tanks Coatings

P02 Sound Problems inside Modern Construction and How Sound Damping Coatings Can Offer Cost Effective Solutions
P03 Noise Control for Portable Ventilation Blowers
P06 Traditions, Myths, and Lore; which cost shipyards Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability
P07 Optimized Method for Conversion of FPSO Build from VLCC
P08 The ultimate approach for General Arrangement Definition
P09 Reducing Detail Design & Construction Work Content by Cost-Effective Decisions in Early Stage Naval Ship Design 
P10 Establishing an Electrical Safety Program
P12 Development of a Distortion Control 'Toolbox' to Mitigate Distortion in Surface Ships
P13 Assessing the Environmental Vulnerability Risk at major seaports: a comparative analysis between the major Ports of the US Gulf 
P14 Use of Polysiloxane Coatings for Topside Applications on US Navy Ships
P15 Reducing the Cost of Ship Maintenance and Repair
P16 Standardized Welding Curriculum and Testing for Shipyards
P17 LNG as a Marine Fuel in North America: a Focus on LNG Products
P18 Understanding BWT Management: Challenges, Regulatory Compliance and Technology
P19  New Technology for Fouling Defence: Fusion of Biocide and Hydrogel-based Technologies
P20 A Noise Control Decision Making Process for Marine Vessels
P21 Evaluating the Use of Fiber Composites for Blast Protection on Vessels
P22 Advanced Corrosion Resistant Nickel-Alloys for Marine Applications, including Cryogenic Service
P23 2015 North American Emissions Control Area and Lessons Learned in California
P24 Standardized Foundations Database for Combat Systems
P25 Saving Time and Money with the Next Generation of Fuel and Ballast Tank Coatings
P26 Reduction of Cavitation Erosion by Laser Peening
P27 Lean Response for Emergency Dry-docking
P28 Free vibration of marine rudder: theoretical and numerical analysis with experimental verification
P29 The Global Shipbuilding Executive Summit Series: Partnering with the Navy and Coast Guard to Improve Naval Shipbuilding
P31 Big Data in Shipbuilding
P32 Effectiveness of Integrated Risk Management
P33 Software Integrity - You are in the software business now…
P34 Shipboard Corrosion: Classification and Characterization of Corrosion with Strategies for Prevention
P35 Robotic System for Surface Preparation and Application of Underwater Hull Coatings
P37 Optimization & Business Analytics in Shipbuilding
P39 Hybrid Induction Plasma Cutting Process
P40 Product Model Driven Weld Management
P41 Screening Tests of Composites for use in Tidal Energy Devices
P42 Hydrogel Embedded Foam Actuators for Emergency Seal Applications
P43 New Coupling Technology for Marine Drive Systems
P44 Knowledge Management
P46 Integrating CAD/CAM in a PDM/ERP Environment
P47 Environmental Limits and Corroded Leg Thicknesses for a Jack-up Structure
P48 Approach for Effective Design and Cost Estimation of New built / Conversion FPSO
P49 Improvements and Guidance to the Weight Classification using Expanded Ship Work Breakdown Structure (ESWBS)

S1 Experimental Tests to Hydrodynamically Raise a Ship Model with a Hydrofoil System
S3 Structural Analysis of Various Steel Configurations on FPSO Topside Modules
S4 Safety of FLNG Hull Structure Collided with Iceberg in Arctic Environment
S5 The effect of installing bilge keels on a classic recreational craft
S6 Recovery and Recycling Ocean Plastic: Research Targets
S7 Hull Capacitance: The Unconventional Green Fuelling Technology Harnessing Plug Power Navigate Concept for Inland Waterways Navigation
S8 Finding Wrecks in the Rivers and Bringing Technology into the High School Classroom

B1 Improving the Fuel Efficiency of New & Existing Vessels Design & Operational Measures
B2 Design of Subsea Structures for Marine Hydrokinetic Devices
B3 A Practical Way to Evaluate the In-Service Performance of Antifouling Coatings
B4 Propulsion System Choices for Modern Naval Vessels                      
B5 Analysis of Fuel Alternatives for Commercial Ships in the ECA Era

OC-1 The Role of Ozone in Marine Environmental Protection
OC-2 Topic: High performance craft
OC-3 Energy-savings Basics for the Maritime Industry – Renewable Energy
OC-4 Topic: SMART Center
OC-6 Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) Multi Vessel Operations Guidance for Marine Based Response to Subsea Well Incident
OC-5 The Practical Application of Marine Coatings
OC-7  What is Patentable and Why Should I Care?
OC-8 Topic: Seakeeper, Inc.
OC-9 10 Things You Should Know About LED Lighting

TR1 Complex System Engineering for Naval Ship Procurement
TR2 Revitalization Management for a Large Passenger Ship Conversion
TR3 Potential Development of a Canadian NSRP
TR4 Selection of Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Capacity and Speed
TR5 Development Efforts for SNAME "Open" SHCP Software Project
TR6 Human Factors Considerations on Costa Concordia and Ferry Safety Issues
TR7 Challenges in the Ocean Energy and Arctic Areas
TR8 Updating the Trials Guidelines
TR9 Recent and Under Development T&R Bulletins
TR10 Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing at Conoco Phillips
TR11 Designing a Zero-Carbon-Emissions Cargo Vessel for Short Sea Shipping
TR12 SNAME Technical & Research (T&R) Program
TR13 LNG Developments and Issues
TR14 Gravity-Based Offshore Facility and Shipboard Power Production


Dear Student Members and Faculty Advisors,

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 2014 SNAME Maritime Convention (SMC), formerly known as the SNAME Annual Meeting.  The 2014 SMC will be held at the Hyatt Regency Houston in Houston, TX on October 20-25.  Each year, this event is the pinnacle of many months of hard work, planning, and fundraising on behalf of the Student Sections.  The Student Steering Committee has also been hard at work to develop an interesting and fulfilling Student Program.

Attending the Student Program at the SMC is a great opportunity to network with fellow students and industry leaders.  This year’s event will kick off with the Student Design Competition sponsored by Netsco.  There will be cash prizes for the winning teams and each participant will receive a prized Netsco t-shirt.  The Design Competition is a great way to make new friendships and compete in a challenging event.  Another great social and networking opportunity will follow that evening is the Young Professionals and Student Social sponsored by Chevron.  At this event we will gather for conversation and networking following dinner.  The Student and Industry Roundtable Discussions was a huge success last year and will be continued again at the 2014 SMC.  This is an event that brings together successful and experienced industry professionals to discuss chosen topics tailored to the interests of the students.   

The remainder of the SMC is dedicated to providing students networking, job seeking, learning, and development opportunities.  This is accomplished through the Student Job, Scholarship and Graduate School Fair; the YP and Student Social, sponsored by Chevron; the Student Papers Track; as well as the Student Congress and Elections.  At the Student Congress and Elections, you will have the opportunity to run for a position on the SSC and the winners of the Student Microsite Competition sponsored by Gibbs & Cox will be announced.  The final day of the meeting includes the bi-Annual Student Summit as well as the Student Social in Houston.  Both of these final two events are a great opportunity to learn directly from your fellow students.

Thanks to the generous support of Bruce S. Rosenblatt & Associates, LLC, all Students attend the Annual Banquet for free!  Other sponsors of the 2014 SMC include the ABS, ShipConstructor, DNV GL, Keppel Offshore & Marine, The Glosten Associates, US Joiner-IMECO, GVA, Robert Allan, Ltd., General Dynamics NASSCO/Bath Iron Works, Alan C. McClure Associates, Aveva, Ship Architects, and Seaspan Shipyards. 

For more information regarding the SNAME Maritime Convention and Student Program, visit the 2014 SMC website at  Also, please be sure to take the time to visit the microsites and Facebook pages of the SSC as well as other Student Sections. 


YP Program

Dear Young Professional Members –

It is with great excitement that we invite you to the 2014 SNAME Maritime Convention, or SMC (formerly known as the SNAME Annual Meeting). This year, the SMC will be taking place from 20 to 25 October in Houston, Texas, home to one of our largest SNAME sections and many companies integral to the commercial and offshore industries. The SMC represents a tremendous opportunity for members from all corners of the maritime industry, and this year, we are taking significant strides to add value tailored to the Young Professional (YP) members in attendance. 

The SMC is an event designed for growth in all aspects of a member’s professional life. Of course, there are countless networking opportunities, particularly at the receptions. The SMC Banquet, the Student and YP Social (onsite), and the offsite, less formal YP Social, are all events during which you can begin to form or further develop the relationships that will have a meaningful impact on your career. In fact, President-Elect Joe Comer once told me that nearly all of the work his company was doing at the time we spoke was resultant from relationships he has been developing within SNAME since he was a YP.

The SMC is also the perfect place to develop your technical knowledge and skill set by participating in the paper sessions, and in the T&R sessions. SMC papers and the topics discussed at T&R Committee meetings have proven relevant to many maritime professionals time and time again, and the conversations at those interchanges are excellent – sometimes they provide new insight on a topic of interest or work project, and other times they provide a whole new direction to pursue within your career. There are also training courses in various technical fields prior to the beginning of the SMC which offer valuable advancement in your capabilities as a technical professional.

This year, we are introducing a new element to the SMC’s offerings to YP members. The Young Professionals Committee, or YPC, has developed a program in cooperation with more experienced members of SNAME leadership aimed at improving organizational soft skills for YP members. The first SMC Professional Development Seminar will be geared toward skills that will help the maritime YP succeed in a working environment outside of technical acumen and achievement. Topics like Project Management, Professional Development, Negotiation Skills, Building Professional Relationships, and others will be taught by experienced professionals with understanding of the maritime industry. This seminar is free to attend for YP members registered for the SMC, and a promotional video for the Seminar can be found here.

It is our hope that an increasing number of employers will continue to see the value in sending YP members to attend the SMC each year. This opportunity for growth is too valuable for YPs and their employers to pass up, and as the number of members attending continues to increase, the more valuable the experience will become over time. For those YPs who are not supported to attend the SMC by their employers, there is a scholarship opportunity available exclusively to YP members for full registration to the SMC – and you can apply for this scholarship here. 

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors

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2014 SMC eLibrary

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2014 Recap

Bigger and Better in Texas - The Inaugural 2014 SNAME Maritime Convention a Real Success in Houston
Click here for press release

Setting Sail for Victory at the 6th Annual SNAME Cup Sailing Regatta
Click here for the press release

SMC photos are now online on the SNAME Flickr site
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Report on the Participation of the Greek Members in the 2014 SNAME Maritime Convention
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Golf & Regatta

7th Annual Golf Tournament: Tuesday, October 21
Venue: Wildcat Golf Club's Highlands Course (convenient to the Hyatt)
Cost: $150 per golfer/ $600 per foursome (includes golf, cart, boxed lunch, dinner, and prizes)
Shotgun Start at 1:30pm
Open to the first 30 registrants.


6th Annual SNAME Cup Sailing Regatta: Saturday, October 25

Click here for the following forms:
-Notice of Race
-Sailing Resume
-Sailing Waiver

Registration Type                                





One spot on a J22
All meals: 
-Breakfast at the Yacht Club
-Lunch on the J22
-Reception and Dinner following the race



One spot on a J22
All meals: 
-Breakfast at the Yacht Club
-Lunch on the J22
-Reception and Dinner following the race

Team Sponsor


Three spots in a J22
​All meals for the team:
-Breakfast at the Yacht Club
-Lunch on the J22
-Reception and Dinner following the race

Reception and Dinner Only


Reception and Dinner following the race


Click here for the Expo website.



Web Site



Allied Systems Company 


Appleton Marine Inc 






Britmar Marine Ltd. 


C&C Panasia 




Cospolich, Inc 


Creative Systems Inc 






Dings Co 




DRS Technologies 


Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. 




Fike Corporation  


Force Control Industries, Inc. 


Galley Design and Sales  


GTA Marine 



Hawboldt Industries 


Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC 


Howell Laboratories, inc. 


Hydraquip Custom Systems, Inc. 


Ingalls Shipbuilding 


Knowledge Based Systems Inc 


LED Lighting Solutions 


MAN Diesel 




Maritime Reporter 




Michigan Wheel Marine 




National Shipbuilding Research Program 




Noise Control Engineering 


Northern Lights 




Oceanic Consulting 


Palfinger Marine 


Panel Specialists 


PANOLIN America Inc. 


Praeses, LLC 




Pyrotek Inc. 


Quickline-Ultra Marine West 


Rigidized Metals 



Robert Allan Ltd 


Rolls Royce 




Seaspan Shipyards 




Sheaves, Inc. 


Shipconstructor USA (SSI) 


Simplex Americas 




Summit Engineering & Design LLC 


Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. 


Thordon Bearings Inc. 


Thrustmaster of Texas 


Total Marine Solutions Inc. 


Tru QC 


Vard Marine Inc. 


Vesconite Bearings 





Wärtsilä North America 


Workboat Show & Magazine 


Zentech Incorporated