Copyright Agreement Form

SNAME requires a copyright assignment for papers that are published under SNAME's purview.  Therefore, based on mutual and adequate consideration, the undersigned author(s), hereby assigns and transfers to SNAME all right, title, and interest, including copyright and all rights subsumed thereunder, in and to the paper or other work identified below.  This copyright assignment includes all derivative works and translations in English and in foreign translations, in all formats and media of expression now known or later developed, including electronic, internet, CD, or others as well as for individual sale or distribution,. The author (s) retains the following rights:

  1. all proprietary rights other than copyright, including patent rights;
  2. the right to make oral presentations of this material; and
  3. the right to reproduce figures and extracts from the paper with proper acknowledgement.

For papers written by employees, this form must also be signed by the employer’s representative. For papers written as the result of a U.S. Government contract, or if the author(s) is a Federal employee, copyright is neither possible nor required; nevertheless, the author(s)’ signature is required to affirm that the paper is cleared for public release.  Author(s) acknowledge and agree that author(s) will receive no royalty or other compensation for this assignment or SNAME's use of the paper, that the paper is original, that the paper does not violate the rights of others, and that the author(s) has the right to make this assignment and has obtained permission to use any previously copyrighted material, which are necessary conditions for all publications.  Author(s) also authorize SNAME to use author(s) name, photograph, and biographical data in connection with publication of the paper.

No paper can be considered for publication by SNAMEwithout a properly executed copy of this form; however, if the paper is not accepted for publication, this agreement is nullified.

Please indicate acceptance of this agreement by completing the following:

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If you have not yet signed and submitted the copyright form, please do so to Sofia Iliogrammenou: