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Interference-Resistance Prediction and Its Applications to Optimal Multi-Hull Configuration Design, YEUNG, 2004

Posted By: Transactions TRANS January 01, 2004 12:00 am
Author(s): Yeung R W; Poupard G; Toilliez J O
Published Date: 1/1/2004
Number of Pages: 28
Recent demands for high-speed vessels operating at Froude number of 0.5 or beyond necessitate careful considerations of the important effects of wave drag. The formulation for Michell's resistance is reviewed for a monohull and further developed for multi-hulls. A "wave-making amplitude function" is introduced and the notion of interference resistance among the hulls is explored. Analytical expressions are derived and applied to a configuration of member hulls, each of which is assumed to be of an arbitrary shape, but with centerplane symmetry. A fast and accurate internet-based "resistance evaluator" using specialized quadrature techniques has been developed at the University of California at Berkeley. Demonstrative computations are shown for assessing the effects of separation and stagger on a catamaran configuration and for optimizing the volumetric distribution in a trimaran configuration. Use of this evaluator for design is illustrated. Validations of the predictions by comparison with experimental data are shown for several multi-hull configurations.


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