SNAME Members Demand Technical Credibility.
(mt) provides vital technical information and thought leadership to the global maritime industry and community of naval architects, marine and ocean engineers and related professionals.

Important changes with (mt) content include:

  • More information about technological advances and improvements
  • Case studies
  • Professional notes for business
  • Public policy discussion in every issue
  • New design to improve ease of reading

       (mt) has created a revised blend of content that is more relevant for architects and marine engineers.

(mt) publishes original content organized as follows:

Feature articles [five at four to six pages each] include clear, concise graphics, drawings, tables, charts, or photos that show data that supports technical discussions. One of the features focuses on a ship or vessel report with standard drawing, characteristics and key specifications.

Departments provide opinion and editorial content in addition to member profiles, policy briefings, technical notes, SNAME paper abstracts, education, book, web site and media reviews and historical notes.

Editorial Calendar

January 2017 Issue
Focus: Subsea Operations 
• Advertising Space Close: 12/12/16
• Advertising Materials Close: 12/15/16

April 2017 Issue
Focus: Recreational and Competition Craft
• Advertising Space Close: 3/1/17
• Advertising Materials Close: 3/6/17

July 2017 Issue
Focus: Inspection,Testing, Maintenance, and Repair
• Advertising Space Close: 6/1/17
• Advertising Materials Close: 6/5/17

October 2017 Issue
Focus: Vessel Vulnerability and Recoverability/Cybersecurity
• Advertising Space Close: 9/1/17
• Advertising Materials Close: 9/6/17

January 2018 Issue
Focus: Polar Seas
• Advertising Space Close: 12/12/17
• Advertising Materials Close: 12/15/17