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Submit a Paper for the SNAME Maritime Convention (SMC) or Other Symposia

Submit a Paper to SNAME

SNAME accepts papers for presentation at events and for publication in SNAME journals. See the Journals page of to submit to a specific journal. To submit a paper to the SNAME Maritime Convention (previously the Annual Meeting), see below.  To submit papers for SNAME Symposia and other events see the Calls for Papers Library.

For further guidelines and formatting instructions, please download the SNAME author template here.

SNAME Policy About Commercial References in Formal Presentations or Published Papers

The Society does not allow commercialization in formal presentations or published papers. Authors and presenters are generally expected to provide their professional affiliations, and where appropriate they are expected to acknowledge support received, including that received from commercial concerns. However use of trademarked names, display of corporate logos, or analogous practices is discouraged.

Submit a Paper to 2015 World Maritime Conference (SNAME's 2015 SMC is incorporated)

SNAME will host the 5th World Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC) which is held under the auspices of the World Maritime Technology Congress, which comprises the world’s most prominent naval architectural and marine engineering professional societies.

Both the marine and offshore industries currently face challenges, and change appears to be a constant. These range from a difficult-to-predict economic climate through an ever more demanding regulatory environment to specific technical challenges. In response naval architects and engineers are developing innovative cost-effective solutions.

WMTC 15 provides an excellent forum to present and discuss a wide range of topics associated with the challenges noted above. The professional societies that comprise WMTC are cooperating to bring to you an international technical program that we are sure you will find stimulating, interesting and useful. We seek papers and presentations in topics such as (other marine and offshore-related topics are also welcome)

For instructions on submitting to this event click here