Student Stipend

Horizon Lines has been deeply involved in its environmental and sustainability policies evaluation both on a corporate and operational level and through its Horizon Green initiative (

One component of this effort involves Horizon Lines involvement in the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers ( Technical & Research panel EC-7, Environmental Management.

This panel has developed a survey that investigates general public and maritime personnel attitudes towards marine environmental issues. The survey produced vital data that requires analysis and eventual dissemination to the industry and the public. SNAME is a leader in student involvement in the marine industry and focuses on developing strong mentor/student ties in its T&R efforts.

In order to support this effort, Horizon Lines provided a $1000 summer stipend that will be issued to students that perform SNAME T&R Panel EC-7 research support and analysis. The stipend will be awarded to a deserving student (or students) by the Panel EC-7 leadership upon completion of a Panel EC-7 student summer project.

This year, the EC-7 Panel leadership and Horizon Lines would like to extend their congratulations and gratitude to Mr. Ed Schembor of Red Bank High School who is the 2011 stipend recipient for his work in performing data reduction and analysis of the environmental attitudes survey responses received between August 2010 through August 2011. 

An EC-7 Panel summary of the paper's findings in addition to links to the full paper and survey data set can be found on the 
Projects page of this website.

No student has yet been designated as the 2012-2013 recipient for the stipend.

EC-7 welcomes suggestions for future projects.  If you have any suggestions for future projects, feel free to submit them to the contacts listed on the homepage of this website.