Our Events

  • HVAC and Efficiency

    May 29, 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM (ET)
    Mr. Peter Shaw-Wood will give a presentation on what is achievable with HVAC (oxygen to breathe, life safety, Indoor Air Quality, Cooling Equipment etc.) The presentation will include discussion around HVAC sizing (SNAME, ISO, ASHRAE) and how energy efficiency isn’t included, around ways to improve, holistic approaches, as well as new technologies and the importance of maintenance. One of the new technologies is a Canadian success story, the Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal compressor developed by Turbocore (now Smardt) in Montreal. AGENDA 17:00 – Deacon Brodies for Meal 18:30 – Network 19:00 – Section’s updates 19:45 – Short Break 20:00 – Presentation 21:00 – Networking 22:00 – Meeting end time ABOUT THE PRESENTER Mr. Peter Shaw-Wood grew up in Southeast Asia / Central America to a diplomatic family. He worked as a sales engineer in commercial HVAC applications, while completing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at UOttawa.  He then started working for Alscott and got his “feet wet” in Marine. Initially as an engineer, he was sent on contract as a senior designer in Houston and now he holds the position of Canadian Sales Manager – specializing in energy efficient systems.
    Ottawa, ON, Canada

  • Smart Marine Ecosystem Innovations

    Jun 26, 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM (ET)
    We are all seeing a very significant shift in the marine industry in demands for new technologies for alternative energy sources to reduce the use of fossil fuels. This manifests itself into new solutions being developed to adopt new fuels in vessels, reduce emissions and enhance digital technologies. Wartsila has made a significant investment in building our capabilities to react to the market disruptions we are seeing today and in the future. The addition of companies such as Transas, Guidance Marine, Eniram, etc, combined with the additions in E&A in the past 2 years, allow Wartsila to innovate and bring to market advanced technologies. This presentation will discuss Wartsila’s focus on the Smart Marine Ecosystem and the innovations we are developing in response. Samples of these technologies include wireless inductive charging, autodocking systems, remote operations of vessels, advanced vessel positioning technologies, integration of battery, hydrogen fuel, shore charging, and other energy solutions, etc, will be presented.         AGENDA 17:00 – Deacon Brodies for Meal 18:30 – Network 19:00 – Section's updates 19:45 – Short Break 20:00 – Presentation 21:00 – Networking 22:00 – Meeting end time                      PRESENTER Mark Keneford spent 27 years in the Canadian Navy as a marine systems engineering officer and project manager. He sailed in ships and had operating tickets (Navy equivalent) for steam, diesel and gas turbines. Since 2008 he has been employed in Wartsila in Services as Canadian Government service support and then as Wartsila Canada Marine Solutions sales responsible across Canada to represent Wartsila solutions to shipowners, ship design companies and shipyards, in all vessel segments. Mark is a member of CIMARE (St. Lawrence branch) and also SNAME (Eastern Canada section). #easterncanadian #easterncanadiansection #marineecosystems #marineinnovations
    Ottawa, ON, Canada